There seems to be more than one Spirit of Jesus spoken of among those who speak of Him and the teachings of the bible.  This has often led me to question the validity of my own spiritual experiences and the truth of God in my life. On one such occasion in 2006, I sat down to write out my thoughts wondering: 'Jesus ... who have You been in my life?' I expected to write down words like, You've been.... and You've been.... while meditating, but before I could do so... I heard Jesus' voice and wrote down what came instead: 

I came to you in the Spirit of a friend... a brother, one who loves you more than life itself. As your brother and your friend I have laid down My life for you.  I have been there for you, even when you were unaware.  I have taught you much through My actions towards you and My words to you.... birthing a union of our hearts and minds... that our Spirit might be as one.... through love, truth and the wisdom of our father.  I told you of our father... of His love... His truth... His will for us. You surrendered to His revealed love ... righteous judgments ... the unfolding of His eternal plan.  

He reveals His Spirit to you.... having ordained such from the foundations of the world.  He truly empowers you... heals you... delivers you... provides for you... is transforming .... regenerating you... is renewing the Spirit of your mind in preparation for that which is to come, as promised.

I sent the Spirit of our father to you... having told Him of your repentant ... surrendered heart and your desire to become who He created you to be through our union and His covenant with you.  He sent me... for such a purpose as this. His Spirit in Me spoke to you.

Father imparted His Holy Spirit of life into you... making you one born of flesh and blood ... of water... and one born of Spirit and truth .... of spiritual understanding. He awakened you from spiritual death .... and brought you into His eternal Kingdom of righteousness, light, peace, joy, love, wisdom, truth .... life.  He reconciled you to HimSelf and has chastened you with the love of a kind but firm father, raising you in the way He deems best. Often you have not understood, even so... you put your trust in who HE reveals Himself to be and rested in His will... imparted faith...empowering truths. You are indeed precious in His sight.... He delights in you.

Dad raised Me from the dead with His eternal life ... gave Me My glorified body and returned Me to My original seat ... state of glory in His Kingdom.... in preparation for what is to come ... yet truly I Am... I am with you in Spirit always... Our Holy Spirit having come into you, revealing My mind ... at one with the revealed will of our father. His Spirit is revealing Our undying love.... binding us together with ... as ... through the Spirit of love and truth eternally.

In Spirit and in truth ... I am your Bridegroom and I am coming for you My love... revealing your glorified body that we might dwell together with full awareness, fulfilling that which is to Be. Thank you for choosing to live a life worthy of My name in the preparation of My coming.... you honor our father in the doing .... Being. We rejoice with you with singing.... let us sing with laughter in our hearts.... and words of life on our tongue.


Please note:  I sensed while receiving them, these messages are not just for myself, but can be for others, please read them with this in mind. Please keep in mind as well, Prophecy does not always come into being immediately and in the image we imagine.  It is given in a symbolic spiritual language which must be spiritually discerned.  When it does come to pass, our spirit will give witness to it's unfolding, gradual or immediate....

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