I woke up with a dream I remember this morning which I think is important... am not sure if this is for me alone... or Prophetic... have discovered, usually it is both, when it is a dream where it is realistic and I am myself and an observer, watching myself in the dream. Such was the case in this dream.  These type of dreams do not happen to me often.  I sense I am to publish it, as a witness to that which will fully come ... in due season.  
What I remember of this dream is ... It was realistic... and I was myself and at the same time I was observing myself.  I saw myself becoming aware of huge explosions and fire across the water... off in the far distance.   Almost immediately I also saw a long multiple arched bridge being destroyed which had been attached to the borders of our land, it too was exploding off in the distance, away from the initial huge explosions. I did not get the sense this was a chain reaction... yet did sense both were intentional and timely, something ordained of God... and had been necessary for a great spiritual change to take place. Such was for the spiritual awakening and maturity of the spirit of man through the greatest Spiritual Renaissance since the days Christ walked the earth.

I then became aware of myself observing myself watching this from the shoreline of an island... I was watching myself as I came into an awareness we were now isolated from what once and I sensed there would be no going back to what once was. My first thought was, 'Now I understand why I have been inspired to store up (sow to the spirit, thus reap from the spirit) and live a simple life, a balanced life, a Spiritual life with You. 'Feed My Sheep' came to mind and I sensed Father had gone before us and was preparing the way"  I was given the understanding... the island I was living on with others of a like mind was a place of refuge we have been brought to in advance and what use to be the norm in our past would never be again. God had brought us to a new beginning and had gone before us to prepare the way and would provide for us in ways which would bring down the strongholds of mammon and greed and selfishness.

Over the past 30 odd years have discovered sometimes what I dream prophetically is fulfilled almost immediately, on other occasions, in due season... with an 'Ah ha... now I understand more fully!'. (these dreams have been spaced out over time).  Having received the dream in advance, I go through the fulfillment with a comfort which nurtures my soul and keeps me at rest deep within while a circumstance around us unfold and helps me to understand ....  while reminding me at the same time, to draw upon the joy which comes with the gift of transforming fiery trials and overcoming power which comes through tribulations which shake that which is shakable so only HIS truth remains, as we are conformed to the image of Christ through them.   

One possible interpretation, given in a spiritual language... *spiritual symbolism and spiritual metaphors*.    Today as I ponder this dream... I am reminded of the Spirit of the Lord speaking to me of a powerful (second?) spiritual awakening for humanity taking place, which will bring about the greatest Spiritual Renaissance since the days of Christ. It will reveal the completed works of the power of the resurrection of Christ in and through the family of God.   

I am reminded the first spiritual awakening began to take place at the time of Christ when the Spirit of God was poured out on all flesh at Pentecost described in the book of the Acts of the Apostles ... This out pouring woke many from slumber and spiritual death. The fruit is evidenced in today's generations by their descendants who continue to walk in the New Covenant of God, our Father, established for us through
Jesus Christ.

I am reminded the first spiritual awakening of truth  and life has taken place exponentially from generation to generation... bringing with it insight, understanding, reconciliation and regenerative power through the restorative spirit of unity, love and faith, imparted through the indwelling Spirit of Christ and the wisdom of our Creator. 

I am reminded this present (second?) spiritual awakening has already taken place for some in our generations who have been prepared in advance for the power which is being poured out afresh. Through it some have heard their call to be an Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, and Evangelist and are aware or are being made aware they are in training and are being perfected daily for such a commission, having been separated unto the Gospel of God.  Some have heard the call to go to the highways and byways and into the market places and extend the invitation to come into Father's Kingdom to sup with Him... and rejoice with Him at the marriage supper of the Lamb, (Jesus and His Chosen Bride, who has been preparing herself).  Some know Father is maturing them through the gifts of holy fire or dry seasons or spiritual famine or........ all of which brings about renewal through the resurrection power of the spirit of Christ within. Some are becoming aware, having recently awakened, they too are in training .... as a different, but necessary aspect of the body and bride of Christ.  All know they are children of God.

As I am put in mind of this powerful spiritual awakening I am reminded of it's on going process. Some who are struggling to remain awake or desire to awaken fully, sometimes feel lost... or condemned and wonder much about the reality of His truths or their concepts of God.  Some hunger for more intimacy with the Spirit of God .... yet some resist because of fear of the unknown or unredeemed thinking.  Some................ each spiritual journey is as unique as the person who has been awakened and created for this purpose. 

I am reminded... through His love, Father is bringing to pass His will for us...  He is unfolding it before us .... causing us to seek to know it through the desire He imparts having awakened us to His Kingdom rule within our heart and mind. 

As I am reminded of this second spiritual awakening... I am reminded its power is growing and gathering force which will bring about a Spiritual Tidal Wave as it draws previous waves of renewal into itself.... for a double portion anointing of God's majestic power among... awakened within man.  

I am also reminded of much HE revealed prophetically regarding present circumstances world wide, spiritually and naturally.  Much which was revealed to me 20 years ago, revolved around the future unveiling of the fruit of greed and the deceptions of corruption in the systems, governments and religions of man; as evidence of the selfish Adamic nature within the heart of those who slumber or as yet do not walk in the fullness of the redemption and regeneration offered them through Christ.  

I am reminded of the tumultuous times I saw taking place in the future... as God puts pressure on the economy, so compassion can come forth for the benefit of the whole, as we see and turn from this corruption when it is revealed... within our around us.  I saw people living together and working towards a common goal, through a spirit of unity during these fiery trials. I understood, although this would seem like a terrible thing, it would be used to draw us together as a caring, wise family.... it would cause us to be in the world, but not of it... it would cause us to walk in the spirit, and not after the flesh.... it would cause us to no longer desire to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, bringing about the sin nature which began to rule in the hearts and minds of the descendants of the first Adam, and death ... Such was removed through the resurrection of the second Adam (Jesus the son of God who took away the sin of the world and it's judgments offering life eternal through our union). Jesus is the firstborn from the dead of the Spiritual family of God.

I am reminded many among the 'body of Christ' are being prepared in advance for that which is coming through the sovereignty of our Father, to offer loving care with compassion and humility, when this season arrives in it's fullness.  This dream seemed to be related to these series of visions I was given in 1989.                                        
As I am reminded of this ... and this dream, and begin to see their connection, I understand this second spiritual awakening is a far, far greater spiritual awakening of God's spirit within  man, than has ever taken place before.  I see this powerful awakening as a form of evidencing the fullness of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ from within human vessels as we leave behind man made religions and religious traditions and the corrupt systems of men, born of the Adamic nature.  I see the hearts and minds of man renewed and brought into greater spiritual depth and life. I see the majestic power of God's Kingdom ruling in the hearts and minds of man.  I understand this awakening, this spiritual Renaissance will not come in the image we imagine. Man's mind sets will no longer be of the world in their desires and understanding ... the spirit of man will be one with their creator, having received the mind of Christ, through this spiritual awakening and that which follows. 

As I get ready to publish this I am reminded... just before this dream (September 2007) as I sat before the Spirit of God and thanked Him for bringing so much into focus in 2007; I was led to ask to know that which is coming for 2008 and beyond and I sense this dream and these reminders are part of the answer.  Normally... I am led to ask as the years comes to a close... this year I was led to ask in September... I sensed the timing of my asking was important.


Please note:  I sensed while receiving them, these messages are not just for myself, but can be for others, please read them with this in mind. Please keep in mind as well, Prophecy does not always come into being immediately and in the image we imagine.  It is given in a symbolic spiritual language which must be spiritually discerned.  When it does come to pass, our spirit will give witness to it's unfolding, gradual or immediate....


UPDATE: As 2010 is coming to a close, this dream  keeps coming to mind and I find myself wondering if it's fulfillment draws near... I have been sensing, 2011 will be a significant year; I do not know if that is on a personal level for Believers who have been being prepared/trained for a specific call and it will be the manifestation of that which Father has purposed us, or if it will be global, affecting others as well ... since we are all connected as a species.

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