May I offer... it seems to be, through divine intervention I have received the revelations from the Spirit of God .... through the breath of Creator God, the eternal Spirit of life, truth, love, all that is, we are eternal spiritual beings having a journey in time.... we are created to become heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, co-creators through the power of the Spirit of Christ resurrected within. 
Father God in our journey in time... it seems to be some are aware we are living in time and eternity.... it is a knowing You impart as a gift to us... thank You.  Through such a knowing may we recognize, encourage and admonish one another in the spirit of truth and hope...  through pure love, according to the unfolding of Your Eternal Plan ... through Your union with us as the Spirit of the Living God of all that is, was and is to come.
In the journey of time... some feel dead, empty, disconnected and seem to be in need of the power of the resurrected Christ... they know not what to believe. Bless You for Your faithfulness to us... that You will not leave us unaware.  May those in need receive all You offer with a heart saturated with gratitude and the faith of Your truth releasing them from false concepts, Your having empowered them with the gift of faith and prayer, to become who You created them to Be... in time and eternity.
In the journey of time... some feel alone... lonely, rejected, abandoned, unloved, unlovable or unloving.  May those in need experience and recognize Your eternal Presence... and unconditional love, with the grace and full awareness You extend. May they come to know You, themselves and others in Spirit and in Truth.
In the journey of time... some feel cursed for all of eternity... destined to fail... or always fall short of perfection... they judge because they feel judged.  May those in need come to know Your eternal plan for them, for each of us ... the abundant life You propose ... without resistance. May they walk in ever increasing wholeness through embracing their unity with Your purpose for us all.
In the journey of time... some see imperfections and live with or project condemnation, harsh judgments and  pain filled emotional stories through feeling powerless to make changes or be changed.  May those in need become aware of Your power within to overcome and live on the resurrection side of the cross of condemnation, legalistic, limited thinking, and judgmentalism through Your Holy Spirit awakened within. May they be transformed through Your intimate relationship with them.
In the journey of time... some are awake...some no longer walk in the darkness and illusion of spiritual slumber.  Thank You for sending such a one ... in time and eternity for the sake of all.  Bless You for keeping them... for revealing Your light, Your wisdom, Your intervention through them.... that all may come to know that which You desire... You having created all to be whole... conformed to the image and likeness of Your son.... the second Adam.... Jesus the Christ.
In the journey of time... some believe through emotional core belief systems of preconditioning, inherited traditions, rooted in false concepts, perspectives, lies, distorted thinking and false interpretations of life.   May those in need be given a desire to live in Spirit and in Your truth, wisdom and love... with the power to own and let go of the old, embracing the new, without fear, hate, anger, resentment or condemnation.   May they be open to and receive Your truth as their own, setting them free to live out their full potential in their journey of time and eternity.... reflecting Your light from within.
In the journey of time... some live in terror, hopelessness and unrelenting guilt. May those in need come to know peace and joy, receiving hope and forgiveness, through Your transformation of their inner man. 
In the journey of time.... some live in pain and hardship, negative cycles which drain them.  May those in need find release... through Your wisdom and healing power.... Your divine intervention, according to the unfolding of Your eternal plan for each of us.
In the journey of time... some have lacked, have needs which can only be met through an awareness of an impartation of Your power and might. May those in need have their needs abundantly met, with contentment... revealing Your plan perfected or being perfected, as Who You are or desire to Be in their lives in revealed.  May they be used to meet the needs of others having been equipped for such in due season, able to comfort with the comfort and abundance they have been given. Thank You for those created to meet the need, for those who achieve Your intentions... as Your life force makes Itself known generously.... in and through us.... as Your mature sons and daughters.  
In the journey of time... some are stubborn, prideful, or feel stupid through their need to learn their own way.  May those in need learn and yield quickly... as understanding, wisdom and knowledge comes in, empowering them to accept who we are with grace.  May they become teachers of truth... spreading wisdom and compassion to all who are sent to them to learn in their own unique way as well. May those who are not like them... learn without condemning, without judging harshly... may the insights both receive benefit the whole... knitting hearts through compassion and conscious awareness.   
In the journey of time... some take responsibility for their choices, and the consequences, others blame, complain, are stuck and become victims or choose to remain in bondage to toxic ways of being, because it is a familiar place.  May Your Holy Spirit impart revelation knowledge and wisdom bringing to light all which is needed to make conscious choices for the best, for maturity, enabling them to move forward with ease, joy and hope.... freed to Be who You created them to Be.... in time and eternity.
In the journey of time... there are seasons of happiness and sadness.  May the happiness which comes through an intimate relationship with You... and lessons learned through the experience of a journey in time, rest within the hearts of each, bringing comfort and understanding and enlightenment.  May a true experience of what it is to be loved and to be love arise from the depths of sadness and cause hearts to soar far above that which held them captive.  May they be used to set other captives free... fulfilling Jesus' words to us, 'greater things than these shall you do'.
In the journey of time... some are selfish ... self centered.... experience the world as revolving around them, through their immaturity and insecurities.  some are blind and deaf.... unaware.  May those in need be given eyes to see, and ears to hear... and a servant heart to give of themselves freely with joy ... through their new awareness and union with Your Spirit.  Thank You for reconditioning them and their thinking as they come into wholeness with balance... no longer neglecting self or other or the needs of Your creation which surround them... which they were created to tend with loving care and wisdom.
In the journey of time... some live with hate and oppression and the pattern of giving their power away... having a need to manipulate, control or be controlled.  May those in need receive the understanding needed to transform their inner man. Thank You for releasing them by way of reconciliation and restoration and the regeneration process You know is best for each.
In the journey of time... some have... and are givers and not takers... thank You for sending them with inner guidance and that which You desire to impart .... all which is done through them for the benefit of the whole.  May those in need rest in Your goodness, expressing Your healing power and understanding, Your faithfulness made known through a redeemed, regenerated heart. May that which You intend in having sent them come into being for the sake of all.... that none lack needlessly.

Thank You... for giving us a journey in time.... and all You desire in having created us for such as this. May we rejoice with you through this gift of life, healing, wholeness. May we be ever grateful in time and eternity.... as the spiritual unfolding of Your eternal plan for Your creation comes into being.