Father... ever since You first began to reveal to me and Others the evils brought into Being through *denominationalism... and the systems of man, I have grieved with You as though We were of One mind.  Over the years, Your Spirit within me... and Others You have brought across my path... and some I have only heard about... has travailed for the walls of separation to come down and for Your Own to be freed from doctrines of men and demons that seek to keep Us from worshipping You in and through love... as One... in Spirit and in truth.  When I was young...  and before I had received Your deeper understanding... You promised me... I would see the coming together of the body of Christ in my lifetime. You revealed to me You would expose the Spirit of Antichrist within Your Church.... the bride of Christ and set her free to worship You and You alone.  You reminded me of Your promise to me later... when You told me it was time for each of Us to go through the fire of destruction which would set Us free from that which binds... as We become One.... according to Jesus' prayer for those You would give Him.

I thank You... for the Holy Spirit awakened within... bringing Us new life. Thank You for Your gift of faith.... prayer and worship.    May You be blessed for having given Us eyes to see You.... ears to hear Your voice.... a heart to receive Your truth.... and the Mind and Holy Spirit of Christ that We might discern... understand and overcome!  Thank You for continually revealing to me ... Us ... YOU are bringing all of the walls down and exposing the lies which have kept Your Own in darkness and bondage... as You shake that which is shakable in each of Our lives. Thank You for encouraging me.... and Others as everywhere We turn... You are making Us aware that Others see as well and this is not just Our Own imagination... for the time has come and the Holy Spirit within Us... is crying out in unison, from deep within, 'Come out from among them, and Be One with Your Heavenly Father'. 

I... We rejoice with You... in the victory call that has gone forth declaring "Let My people go"  The trump has already sounded... and We recognize We have come up higher and are seated with Your Son as One...  since You have joined Our hearts as One through death to all which hinders and life everlasting, through our union with Your Spirit. We worship You  in Spirit and in truth and desire greatly that You would be blessed.   Thank You for allowing me ... Us ...  to see... the number of those who are coming out has swelled.... and is on a continual increase... causing Us to understand.... so many promises yet to come... will indeed come into Being in Our lifetime. May We Be blessed by You... as Jehovah...  the eternal self existing One... Who keeps His promised to Us... having proclaimed it is time to receive and Become... that all may know Jesus! 

May Jesus be continually lifted up so all may know... that which You impart through drawing them to Yourself... having given them to Him, according to Your eternal plan of redemption and reconciliation.

Thank You Lord God... for the anointing of Jesus which breaks the yoke of bondage and death.  Bless You... for You have raised up... and anointed those of Us You have ordained...with the heart of Jesus....  as expressed through men of old, such as Moses...  who desired that all would walk as a Prophet... and share Your burden with them as One, even as they served You and Your people while in the wilderness... called to die as One people to the ways of the world and religious systems of men ... and all which would misrepresent Who We are to Your Own. 


This Prayer and Meditation is a Chapter in the Free On-Line Spiritual Reality Book: A Journey in Time ~ Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers.  It is available as a Free On Line Download and in days to come will be available for sale in a Book Format, for those who prefer such.

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