May I suggest... as a part of the body of Christ... HE being our head (the mind of Christ renews the spirit of our mind through His living words to us) ... that we exist in a Divine Universe/Kingdom which is within a Spiritual being... Who is experiencing an aspect of their life through and within each of us.

Through our union, our soul is restored... receives eternal life and love ... grows/matures through His Righteousness ... and we are transformed daily as we each become who we were created to Be according to the Eternal Plan HE established in our behalf at the Foundations of the World.

As Spiritual offspring through the experiences we encounter and through our awareness of our spiritual union, one with the other through Jesus Christ, we can rejoice with this Being and share of love and gratitude and choices, with an awareness it is no longer I who live... but as a New Creation in Christ, The Spirit of God truly becomes All and in all.

I call this wonderful Being by many names ... each according to the character traits revealed to me in my ever present eternal now as our intimate relationship grows and I am transformed as it evolves.

May we, as one... look for the goodness... in life, and choose to love as we would be loved, the best we are enabled .. through choosing to draw near to our Creator, for He is closer than we think, and soul are not the one in control as much as we would like to think.

May we freely choose to love our Creator first recognizing this empowers us to love as we would be loved. May we rejoice through an awareness of the mercy of Grace which imparts the goodness of life and unconditional love ... a love that can be returned or offered a new as often as we choose.

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