May I suggest: it is not simply about being loved by our Heavenly Father, as our Dad, Daddy or whatever you are comfortable calling Him, and trusting Him for the blessings of His Kingdom He promises to mankind ... it is about loving HIM in return through our conscious choices no matter how our lives are turning out.. no matter what the maturation process is .... recognizing the daily unfolding of our lives is part of His revealed will for us and all will work out for the good... HE having ordained it to be so at the foundations of the world and reveals to us by way of encouragement,  through written and spoken words... words His Spirit within man inspires and which remain and continue to this day. 
May I suggest... Our journey of faith is partly about becoming Who He created us to Be...... in relation to Him ... others ... the world around us and through the circumstance we and others find ourselves living, with HIS integrity as it is revealed and developed within for His sake and the sake of all of His Kingdom and those who choose to abide within it.  Our chosen ways of being... (it's not just about what we do but who we are choosing to be within... and throughout each day, privately before Dad and publicly when we are the least aware), develop our character...  for all of eternity as we live out our lives as eternal Spiritual Beings... through the baptism that Jesus was baptized with: Matthew 20:23: 'And he saith unto them, Ye shall drink indeed of my cup, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with.'  Having chosen to surrender to His purposes for our life ...  knowing we are to know Jesus... not only with ... through the power of HIS resurrection, but through... with the fellowship of HIS suffering, we can rejoice even if we do not 'feel' like it. Bless You dad... we do not have to choose to be ruled by 'feelings'... from within or by others.... but by the revealing of YourSelf and Your revealed truth to us.  Bless You we can face any fear which would attempt to overtake us... with the faith.... peace and joy... YOUR truth... YOU have given us to embrace as our own.  
It has become my understanding:    Having freely chosen to surrender our will and purposes to Father God for His ... our journey is partly about learning to be content with our present moment as Dad's will, as HE reveals it ... recognizing all will work out for the good as we lean upon Dad ...  increasingly becoming aware Satan can only have the power Dad ... or we give him. (Let us not focus on our perceived workings of Satan... but on what Father God is attempting to reveal as His plan... will which will not be thwarted and we are increasingly learning to understand and embrace as our own.)  Satan's power over us was defeated... at Calvary.... Bless You dad for revealing ... the only power Satan has now, (lies which oppress... blind.... bind.... and seek to destroy), is used by You as a opportunity for us to receive a  blessing as we choose to become Overcomers through Christ.   Thank You sin and death... were created to be overcome... doubt is overcome by faith.... death with Your life... hate by Your love... bitterness by choosing to forgive.... lies by Your truth...  war with peace... our old nature... which wars against Your will and purposes... through Your Own life quickened within.... powerlessness with Your power.... weakness with Your strength.  Praise Your holy name... we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us from within.  Bless You ... faith comes through hearing Your voice dad ... and through choosing to believe in  and yielding to Your goodness and mercy within and in our mists.  Bless You we can hear You deep within... and are empowered to overcome through the mind and life of Christ within.    Your word to us... birthed within us...  made 'alive' ...  quickens... overcomes.... sets us at liberty.  Bless You we were created to overcome and to be free.... may we honor You through our ways of being... in and through that freedom.
May I continue to reinforce these truths for a double portion anointing ... loving Dad is about respecting Him and thus others with our conscious choices... our actions ...  or faith... listening  to His heart within us leading... encouraging..... overcoming fears and doubts... and all which binds...  making our hearts one... as we choose  to believe His revealed truth to us... surrendering our will... our limited interpretation of His truth.... our expectations... our thinking... our desires for the moment... so His Holy Spirit within can renew the spirit of our minds.  When we choose to trust HIM... without grumbling and complaining.... without embracing fear through words of doubt (when we have done this... Holy Spirit thank You... no matter how much we complained and resisted ...  You have ignored us... through Your awareness deep within we desire dad's will and ways... above our own. Thank You Holy Spirit... for making us aware... as You have prayed through us and others ... so we can choose to stop and think upon that which dad has said or done in our lives and the lives of His Own ... so we can choose to think upon that which is of a good report; Philippians 4:8: Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things), enabling us to express our love to Dad.... as an act of worship... through spirit and through truth. 
Yes.. it is good for us to come to dad.... to Jesus as King... with songs in our heart... and dancing in our feet... together and privately... but what about other times... when we are living our day to day lives with dad ... how do we choose to worship Him with our lives... our thoughts.... our ways of being... do we stand against vain imaginations and traditional ... limited thinking and surrender to His higher purpose and thoughts... choosing them above our own?  Each of us have our own unique experiences with Dad ... as our relationships not only with HIM but with others are developed.... having been motivated by His love.... truth... faith ... Holy Spirit within.  May I suggest we each have the capacity to love Him and others ... and the potential to become Who HE created us to Become as His child ... as the Bride of Christ, through our daily choices.  May I offer... the choices we make now, determine the outcome of Who we will be for all of eternity.  Bless You dad... we are each a reflection of an aspect of You... as one part of the body of Christ ... for others to see and experience... Jesus having become our head... through the revealed mind of Christ within.  Bless You for giving us a love relationship with YOU.... as the lover of our souls... thank You for loving those who need to be loved... to life.... as we abide in Christ... ever yielding to Your Spirit of love and truth within.
Lastly... (for now *smile), may I suggest... we can choose to be content  in every situation we find ourselves, after recognizing... He... as the lover of our souls said, 'Enter into My rest.. My completed work ... trust I am leading and my plans for you are good and are being revealed... and will be accomplished even when you do not understand'.  It is then we come... are brought to a new place within....  (the Kingdom of God begins within and is lived out through our lives), which enables us to not only know and love HIM... with... in the power of His resurrection, but with... though the fellowship of HIS suffering with great joy and inner peace.   We discover anew... we have come to another new place.. further enlightenment... through recognizing His faithfulness was exposed during the processes, when we chose to draw nearer to Dad with our love and appropriated faith  ... thus resisting the lies which were attempting to overcomes us.... enabling us to experience a greater consciousness of... with HIM.  We overcome the lies with truth... the truth that we love You dad... for Who You are and not just for the eternal blessings, even when we don't always enjoy or understand the moment.   Thank You during these process... we are learning to pray without ceasing.... to abide in a consciousness of Your... indwelling... abiding Presence and loving plan unfolding for the good. Thank YOU at such times, we walk as Overcomers and in and through the Spirit and not in the flesh! We become the head and not the tail... our minds and hearts are united with Yours.... You having done what You have promised since the foundations of the world...... Thank You for revealing YourSelf to us as Our daddy... as Our eternal companion and Ourselves as the  Bride of Christ... and to One Another as family. 

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