Some thoughts... based upon experience and observation


It seems to be one of the easiest ways to care for the soul ... your own or another's is to simply listen. Really listen.

Many just need to know they are being heard.... and if they believe you are in tune with the Spirit of the Lord and have difficulty believing He hears their prayers... will attempt to reach Him through you. While listening to their hearts, you can pray for them, within your mind.... seek His counsel, and offer it when appropriate.

Some need to have their words repeated back to them, such can be insightful... as we do not always know what we believe consciously. 'So what you are saying is.......' Later in the day the Holy Spirit may bring the conversation to mind causing us to reflect upon it ... receiving further insight.... hence having had the ability to express it/listen to another, with compassion, can be very powerful and one of the ways the Spirit of the Lord chooses to live through a willing vessel and increases our faith.

Others simply need a sounding board, a listening ear, so they can hear their thoughts out loud and figure things out for themselves as they seek inner guidance. If this is your need ... find someone you trust who you know will be willing to listen, really listen ... before you begin make them aware, you are using this time as a form of prayer, in your effort to receive inner guidance.... and encourage them to simply listen for now as they seek His wisdom with you. Often a solution/conclusion comes and when it does, everyone not only feels better, each feels better about themselves and in some cases, their relationship with the Spirit of the Lord.

Through such a process each can become more open, wiser, and compassionate.

When someone begins to repeat themselves, it's sometimes a sign it's time to move on... to ease into something new ... although not always... repetition of one of the ways we learn and matters come into focus.


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