Christ Conscious Births God Consciousness
As I meditate with an awareness others will be reading that which Father already knows is in my heart, I find I am inspired once again to give details which will give insight to the readers of HIS choosing. May you receive that which HE intends for you, having drawn you here:
'Once again Father, I desire to thank You for all You reveal to us... for speaking to us... for causing us to have a living relationship with You in the present and in hindsight, with the hopes of what is to come .... that which You have made alive within.... and promised to bring to pass.... ultimately working all out for the good through Your love and truth .... with the assurance of encouragement through an affectionate relationship with You along the spiritual way.

I so appreciate the time when You sent a guest Author in the field of Neurotheology, (spirituality and the brain) to us, when we were serving You and those chosen of You, as a fulfillment of what You said You would bring about, through Listening Heart Farm Bed and Breakfast.  It was thrilling for me to hear Andrew Newberg say he had been part of a scientific/biological study of people who have spiritual/mystical experiences such as myself and studied such as I, (brain science and the biology of belief), with the intent of knowing 'Why God Won't Go Away', why do myths and testimonies of a personal reality involving God never die out, and came to the conclusion, it is because we have been created with a God Gene.  A Gene which, from my experience, draws us into You through the revelation/acceptance of Your truth.... bringing about a mystical union through love/faith/belief.  Thank You.... such awareness brought much comfort and encouragement, for as You know... I often wonder if I am going insane, rather than coming out of insanity.... thank You for translating our soul out of the Kingdom of Darkness/illusions/limited thinking where death abides, into/through Your Kingdom of Light/truth/Christ consciousness ... belief ... eternal life.... through the mind of Christ having become our own.

As I sit with You today... I find You are putting me in mind of all of the Guests You sent, and the Divine synchronicity which took place at Listening Heart Farm Bed and Breakfast; the miracles we saw unfold and experienced as our reality, during the 3 odd years we were called to serve there... before You called me to write and.................. as we find ourselves doing what our hand finds to do in the Present You Ordain and bring to pass in relationship to You and Your unfolding will... which Charlie and I have been given a desire to surrender to with inner joy and peace.  Through such  You have causes us to live in Your Sovereignty 'Kingdom Living'; what You said would take place... is taking place... with the constant reminder all is a fulfillment of what You said You would bring to pass, as You revealed the future to me in the late 1980's.... having called me first to two 40 day fasts... with a short break between them.... with a promise of a double portion anointing.... to walk in the spirit and not after the flesh... and to be obedient to Your revealed will as my Father... even as Jesus was obedient to You. Bless you that through previous inspirations, You empowered me, one who was addicted to food... to fast through numerous promptings, with promises of anointing... such as to love as Jesus loves.... to worship in Spirit and truth..... to................. that the spirit of the resurrected Christ would rise up from within... that others may know the truth of Your Gospel and the Gospel of Your Son, Jesus the Christ.... Who offers an awareness of their own union with Your Holy, Divine, Sovereign, Righteous Spirit of Graciousness.

I continue to marvel at the fulfillment of one aspect of the promise You gave me in the midst of this inner vision You imparted .... that You were bringing the husband of Your Choice into my life, the one You ordained at the foundations of the world, for Your Kingdom Sake .... eventually assuring us, we have need of each other to become whole... to become Who You create us to Be in/through Christ/love.  By way of preparation... You spoke of separating us to YourSelf... of harnessing us... training us for that which is yet to Be as You purify our Beingness.... through our union with You/Your truth and those of Your choosing. You told me to let go of my image, concept, preconception of a Christian/Husband/Marriage/Wife... to throw away my check lists... to let go of my preconditioned desires and to surrender to Yours, for if I did not do so... I would end up recreating an unhealthy martial union... one after the flesh... and not of/through our union with Your Spirit. I surrendered.... and was encouraged to hear it is said, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. as You know, I am pleased I could choose to listen and begin anew.  It seems to be humanity is coming out of insanity, one person/moment/generation at a time, as You awaken us to Your Truth... Your will... with Your indwelling Spirit and empower us to become Who we are created to be in relationship to You/Your truth/love.... and......................... in Your timing and way... through the trials and errors You allow to manifest the truth of Your Spirit/eternal plan..... to expose/destroy the darkness with the coming of Your light.... to................................... to create anew for the benefit of us all. Thank You for the reminders ... the inner rest which calms us with unsurpassing peace if it is needed.

This marriage is so very different from my first... for just as You said, it came to pass, just not in my timing or limiting expectations... first their was a spiritual connection, then an intellectual connection, then a emotional connection, and after we married.... there is the gift of sexual union ... Thank You for the purity of love and the ability to express the preciousness of it ... Truly this is a best friend relationship...  I felt as if I lost my soul in my first marriage through trying to Be who I thought he needed me to be to make him happy, through compromising my inner integrity at times, am sure this was a reflection of what I was doing to him in return ... Through this marital union with Charlie I know my soul has been/is being restored; in having lost my life, I found it... You restore it anew with the lover of Your choice, who encourages me to live in the integrity of Your truth to me/to us/towards us, in return. Thank You for who we are together, through our union with Your love and truth. Thank You for Who You are through us.  In many ways our marriage reflects our relationship with You ... as Christ and His Bride ... Bless You for giving us eyes to see and the ability to experience such in our eternal now.... with ever increasing awareness.

Yes... as You know, I have grieved over the loss ... of what could have been in my first marriage... I let go through love, as You asked and trusted in Your plan for our lives... and yes love is still there, but the love Charlie and I share... is far richer... more fulfilling.... and sanctioned by You in a way, the first was not.  Yes... I have forgiven Scott as well as myself, and those in need of forgiveness and have come to know I am indeed forgiven.  What a blessing it is to experience the gift of forgiveness, thank You.  Yes... I am blessed we connect through our love for the children You entrusted to us ... as well as respect for what could have been, but is not to Be... thank You bitterness did not take root and do it's deadly deed.  Bless You for giving me Charlie who is not threatened by such because of the rich love You imparted into us one for another, overflowing into others with insight unknown before ...  Bless You for giving us many to love... as we would be loved.... as we hope You are loving through us... having called us to harvest/plant Your seeds of love... for such a purpose and for what is purposed yet, to Be.  Thank You... we can choose to believe/rest in that which You reveal .... promise to bring to pass... having made it alive within.... through Your seeds of love, truth, faith, Christ and God Consciousness.....'

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