You have been speaking to me a lot lately about time.  How we are living in time... it is as if I can see us growing and maturing, becoming who we were created to be for all of eternity, in the womb of time.  The place of gestation and development you designed to give us life and it abundantly.     

At some point in time... Your voice breaks through and we find ourselves having a living relationship with you.... or at least that is what has happened in my own life and the life of others like myself. I can't not believe... that which You have revealed to me...  what You have burned within My soul, made alive within.... even when I surrender it to You...  having surrendered in Your timing, You prove it to be true.

Some find it hard to believe someone can hear Your voice, or that You speak to us in a voice we can hear.

Just yesterday I told someone... who has a hard time believing such, 'we have not because we ask not or we ask amiss'.  I told them how I reached out to you and asked to know the truth of Jesus Christ and asked you about all of the other religions ...  the truth about You.... are You real or.....  Since... you have taken me on a journey to show me thus... to prove that which You have spoken and disprove that which is false... or a vain imagining. 

 Along the way... some have been concerned because I have studied that which You lead me to study, they are concerned, for me to do so might cause me to become deceived or lead me away from you.  They do not have spiritual eyes to see. You have assured me I have nothing to fear.  "Fear not." "I have not given you a spirit of fear, but a sound mind." Dwell in Me and I will dwell in you... let Us become one in spirit and truth. Abide in Christ... and His words I have made alive within you. Follow as I lead You into all truth through the power of the Holy Spirit within.

I have followed what I believe to be Your voice from the beginning, resting in Your promise "My Sheep hear my voice."; having come to recognize You as our loving Shepherd who tends fearful sheep. Having come to recognize You as One who feeds, nurtures our soul with words of wisdom and truth, motivated by love and wisdom. One who removes parasites and heals wounds and does the miraculous ... restoring our soul, renewing the Spirit of our mind.

I have chosen to allow Your words to abide in me... I have embraced Your promises and chosen to surrender as an expression of love returned. I cannot thank You enough for this spiritual life You have given me... bless You for ........

The co-incidences, God incidences ... the synchronicity .... the timing ... is truly amazing to behold. Bless You for confirming that which is truth and exposing that which has been deception.

Thank You for taking away my fears.... especially fear of death.  I had no idea how many fears kept me bound ... bless You for taking me to the other side.  You assured me... fear was created to be overcome... and through Your overcoming power... all I need do is face that which I fear... and follow Your manifested will through with the awareness I have nothing to fear... all will indeed work out for the good, because You have deemed it so.  Bless You for Your faithfulness

Bless You for Your words of comfort and encouragement... for revealing to me I am an eternal spiritual being, having  moments in time... moment to moment with an awareness of You, and that I am living in Your Kingdom now... and Your Kingdom will never come to an end.

Bless You for revealing to me...  eternity is simply an aspect of the next present moment.... and death, having been overcome through the Spirit of Christ and Your resurrection power, is simply another present moment, which leads to that which You have promised lies beyond.

I have asked to know the truth of Paradise...  while living in this realm. What lies beyond... at the same time... I am aware You are urging me to be fully present, giving me the understanding.... I am already living in Paradise... just not in the ways I would have imagined. To know You is to know Paradise.

I marvel at what unfolds before me... revealing Your will from moment to moment as I surrender to Your love and choose to believe in the goodness You have promised will come. Now I find, we live on Paradise Farm... named thus by our landlord, the one You told to sell this place to us...  in a manner which revealed Your promise to me fulfilled, according to Your timing and how you said it would be in earlier days.  I had nothing to fear... Bless You for the faith You imparted as I waited upon you... Bless You for the faith You knew I would need so I could trust in Who You say You are... So I could trust You would bring it into being as promised, according to Your timing and not my own. There is still more to come... and I am in awe... how will that which You have promised is yet to be... reveal itself to be. Thank You for such a gift as this...

I remembering sitting in the hot tub at Listening Heart Farm Bed and Breakfast, and expressing... 'This is far greater than I had imagined it would be... and knowing my natural talents... is far greater than anything I could have accomplished in my own strength.' You said You would bring it to pass and You did!  You had worked my will the way you wanted it... and brought me to the place of letting go... and trusting You to make it happen, if that was indeed Your voice. Thank You for the gift of faith.

I marvel... that I hear Your voice.  I can only imagine now, how hard it must be for others who have not yet heard, to believe such can take place.  May they come to desire such... as a part of the fulfilling of Your eternal plan for them. May they receive that which You offer with joy and abiding peace. 

I find it interesting that the ways You speak to me have changed... You speak to me in ways I had not imagined would be. You have not allowed me to become dependent upon any one way. You have expanded my consciousness through such. Bless You for making me aware on levels I had not known existed.  I also find it interesting to think about all of the different ways You have chosen to heal me. Thank You.... and thank You for showing me... You have a plan which is unfolding... and I do not always have to understand, simply trust ... wait and see.  Thank You for revealing to me... it is ok that I sometimes misunderstood, due to immaturity and preconditioning. Bless You for being gentle with me... and for building my confidence... as You have matured me... through circumstances You have deemed to be best.

I marvel... that at times I can see what You are doing in the Spirit.... and can rest in the unfolding of Your plan with foreknowledge.  It has been an amazing spiritual journey of faith. Truly amazing.

Bless You for the spiritual understanding, insight and foresight You have imparted. Thank You for bringing me through... and releasing me from that which would otherwise hold me captive. Truly... You set the captives free to preach the acceptable year of the Lord... You preach deliverance to the captives through the power of Your anointing.  You return the sight of the blind ... they no longer dwell in darkness. You heal the broken hearted and restore our soul.  Yes, such has been fulfilled. Thank You.... for making such a reality in my heart and my life ... experientially on multiple levels. I can never thank You enough...

May such be known by all of Your creation. May they experience their day of release in Spirit and in truth ... with joy overflowing ... May we bask and play in Your living waters  in the spirit of unity, with the awareness we need never thirst again... You have filled us with Your abiding Presence and unfolding truths.  Thank You we can be refreshed through resting in Your Presence.... in Your promises, in........ 

Bless You we can be blessed through the awareness we walk with You as our companion.  May those who have not yet known such come to such a state of being quickly.... in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.

Bless You for revelation knowledge... for the gift of faith... miracles... the gift of the Holy Spirit within... for Your healing, transformative power, Spirit, Soul and Body.

Thank You for love... for a love which shows it cares... for a love which proves it will do the best for the one it loves, even when that love is not always understood, received or desired. 

Thank You for discipline... self discipline and well as loving discipline. The nurturing discipline of a caring Father toward their much loved child.  May those in need, come to the place of desiring and seeking your discipline, Your guidance and loving care through seeing it as needed, even if not always enjoyed. May the fruit of the spirit... self control empower us to become who You created us to be in relationship with You as we allow You to work our will whatsoever way You will it for the good.

Bless You for.....


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