~ It seemed to be, in the year 2000, everywhere I turned, I was being told I am an Apostle in training... having pondered on this myself because of my unique spiritual journey since 1978... I sought Father God's thoughts on the matter and this is what I received. ~

Father GOD HIMSELF is training up a new breed of Apostles, who will offer new wine for drink. Man is not doing this... God Himself is calling them... and training them, during their times of consecration and union with HIM. His essence will be seen within and through their lives, even when they are unaware of such... due to their spiritual union. This new breed will be rare at first, and many will miss out on the new wine they will have to offer, because they are holding unto the old, thinking it is better.  Their wine will not be like the old wine, the church is instructed to lay aside ... the old no longer has the same value it once did. This new wine will be from a resurrected vine... and not from the old dead vine... which died at Calvary. (Inherited natural, traditional thinking about God, ourselves, others and life as whole... exchanged for a new spiritual perspective, our having died to the old preconditioned concepts with Jesus at Calvary and through the daily experiences God is giving us, through the spiritual life we each find ourselves having.)

This new breed of apostles will carry new wine skins, pouring out the power of God within... the resurrected power of the Spirit of Christ from within, as God's Kingdom in Heaven is established on earth... through Him living in them... and through them, as neither male nor female... but Spirit manifested. God Himself is consecrating these Apostles, thru circumstances they will not have control over, since they have surrendered to His complete will for their lives. He is training them in the way they should go even now... as He harnesses them for His pleasure and His eternal purposes and they enter into His rest having come to know of His abiding love and eternal Presence in their now.

They will walk in resurrected power, (for Christ's sake), having died within to their own inherited fearful nature, while taking up their cross to die daily to their own will, to their own agenda, to any fleshly ways of thinking and being or perceiving, that God ordains, so Christ's resurrected Spirit, having renewed the Spirit of their mind, can come forth in them... they having become one...  not only knowing Him in the fellowship of His suffering, but the power of His resurrection. 

They will have become new creations in Christ.... A whole new Being. The good will die as well as the bad... as they let go of who they once were, to become who it is they were created to Be. There will be nothing of the old man left that will not be redeemed.... restitution comes to mind. They and their role will be like no Apostle who has ever been before... each will be unique and will walk according to the unfolding of Father's eternal plan.  The works of Father's hand and heart in their life will be evident. Like Christ, their brother, they will be both fully human and fully divine. They will be aware it is no longer they who live, but Christ's Spirit which rules them from within... for by Him, in Him, for Him and thru Him all is created.... so we can become one in Spirit and Truth ... and walk in love, truth and fellowship with our Creator and His family.  They will be Forerunners.

This new breed of Apostles God is bringing forth in due season... will know it is not them in control in any way.... for they will have died to all need for control or fame in their own life, having counted the cost. They will not be man pleasers, but they will seek to please God alone, when it comes to His will for "their" lives.... coming into agreement with His eternal plan, which they know to be good and not evil experientially. They will know how to listen and they will hear Father clearly, and their words will be confirmed as a witness to all concerned....  even so... not all they meet will desire the new wine at first, believing the old is better. 

They will be bold, yet humble not walking in fear or showmanship or greed. They will trust God completely... desiring His will alone, which will stem from their deep mutual love.... which will overflow empowering them to walk in the Spirit of unconditional love. Love and truth will motivate them. They will be at peace within, as they trust they are in His will... no matter what circumstance they discover themselves in.  They will see from His eternal perspective... and speak forth His words as they let go of that which is familiar, that they might continually drink of the new wine they are offered and are created to give out as Spiritual Pioneers. 

They will recognize God as their Father and they will be very much aware of God's Holy Spirit within them and in others lives. Those who Father brings across their path, will be reconciled to God on a new level, as the testimony of their life imparts spirit and truth, as well as love and joy, building up and edifying the body of Christ towards maturity, in preparation of His return. They will not seek to draw others to them... or their teachings... or for financial gain...  but they will seek to direct others to Almighty God... as their Father... friend... and the lover of each of our souls, as revealed through Jesus, the initiator and perfector of their faith and the knowing they walk in. Some individuals who come in contact with them, will become reconciled to God for the first time, as God's Holy and Righteous Spirit is awakened within each... as the Church... and therefore they will be establishing Churches... just not in the ways it is imagined they would, by themselves or others, when they first heard God's Apostolic Call deep within.

Their surrendered hearts will be one with their Father... one of reconciling others to their Father... Who is the Spirit of love, truth and holiness, as manifested through the teachings and life of Jesus Christ by way of revelation and confirmation.


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