During 2003, I found myself thinking of the Scriptures Isaiah 52-66.  They kept coming to mind... when they did, I would meditate on them, asking the Holy Spirit to speak to me.  On July 20th, I was impressed to get out an old chronological daily bible ... and was not surprised to find the date referred to Isaiah 60.  I was compelled to read through to the end of chapter 66. The words were alive to me as if they were being spoken to me directly in a new and living way which I had never understood before. It was then I was given a message to be shared with those Who consider themselves to Be a part of the family of God. When I attempted to write it down... the words would not flow easily... so I waited. I began to hear God's Spirit speak of Psalm 127, it was then the following came forth: 

"You have been faithful to stand on My completed work... accomplished at the foundations of the world, as Your present reality, even in the midst of doubt or confusion and circumstances which might appear to reveal otherwise. Know the season has arrived for All of My Children to stand as One... united with One Mind... the Mind of Christ... filled with faith and an abiding peace and love... ushering in My finished work for all to see and experience for themselves as a daily reality. 

Encourage Those Who call Themselves by My name, having received My Holy Spirit... to read Isaiah 52-66 and to stand on My present fulfillment of this prophetic promise by faith. Whether They correctly understand what They read or not, it will not matter... simply to trust in My unfolding, as My People of faith, with One Spiritual Mind is all which is needed in Your Present moments. 

In the days of Moses... did not My People cry out with One Voice, with One Mind... to Be delivered and I fulfilled Their hearts desires as prophesied through Joseph 400 years earlier? In the fullness of time... was not My Son sent, to redeem My Own by faith... even though Some remained blind to that which I offered Them? Was not Their blindness necessary to help usher in such a season as this? Know I have in all ways been in control though Many have misunderstood My ways...  My timing... My intents.... My completed work... and Their Own Spiritual transformation as well as the transformation of Others.  Know this has not hindered My eternal plan for man... nor delayed it's fulfillment... all has been a necessary part of the spiritual evolution of man.

Encourage Your Brothers and Sisters, the moment has come to stand through faith on My completed work as ONE body... for I Am removing that which has separated and caused divisions. Know... I have already lifted the veil so each of You can enter into My Presence and come to know Me and the truth of My eternal... ever abiding love. Know... I greatly desire to reveal to Each of You Who You are through Your union with My Son, Jesus the Christ.

Remember... this is an eternal work I Am bringing into Being for All to receive and live in. Remember... it is I Who draws each of You... and before the foundations of the world, chose to reveal Myself to Each of You independent of the Other as part of My eternal plan. Remember... It is I Who have built Your spiritual houses... and kept Your City and called You My Own before those Who did not understand; Their spiritual eyes and ears not yet opened by My eternal indwelling Holy Spirit. Remember... You are My eternal Children... Spiritual Children of faith.... called by My name.... created in My image.  I have raised Each of You in the way You are to go... independent of the Other... leading You... instructing You... transforming You... renewing the Spirits of Your Mind with My Own Words and Spirit... so that in the fullness of time, Each of You might become as I... Your Father... the many breasted One... the Spirit of love and truth... as revealed through My Son.... the firstborn from the dead, the second Adam.  Know You All will honor Me as My legacy.... I have declared it... it is so... even when You or Another would believe otherwise. Know... it is Those Who have come before... it is You and Your Children after you, Who sit at the gates of My Spiritual Kingdom... speaking as One known for My wisdom... My knowledge... My grace and truth... My love and abiding peace and joy... proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God... residing within... manifested without... offering that which is alive in the Kingdom of Heaven to those Who would... that They too might enter in and Become Who I created Them to BE as a part of the whole... revealing the completed work of My Son, that You might become joint heirs with Him, as His Spiritual Bride.

The time has come to unite... to speak as ONE voice... ONE Mind... through doing so... My Spiritual Kingdom is established on the earth... within One Person at a time... bringing forth a new heaven and a new earth... a new way of Being... in Each of Your eternal present moments... as I fulfill All of My promises in ways which will astound You.... and leave You forever transformed with the newness of My life. (Psalm 127) 

Isaiah 60:22   'A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD will hasten it in his time.' 

If this witnesses to His Spirit within You... would you please join me... as we stand together as ONE before HIM....ushering in a manifestation of HIS completed work for Each of Us and those Who would come after Us.

Please note:  I sensed while receiving them, these messages are not just for myself, but can be for others, please read them with this in mind. Please keep in mind as well, Prophecy does not always come into being immediately and in the image we imagine.  It is given in a symbolic spiritual language which must be spiritually discerned.  When it does come to pass, our spirit will give witness to it's unfolding, gradual or immediate....

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