It is written: Jesus said, "Father loves you because you love Me" John 16:27

I remember the first time I read these words of hope .... even though I knew deep down without even so much as a shadow of a doubt God was my creator Father and He loved me ... I still cried.  I cannot express with words what it meant for me deep inside to see these words of hope in print. I cannot find the words to articulate my love for Jesus and what He has done that we might have life and it more abundantly through the will of our Father. Through sending Jesus Father had made His love real to me deep within and HE was confirming it in another tangible way ... I had asked the Holy Spirit to speak to me through the Bible that day and opened it at random. As I wept... in gratitude with love returned, I remembered there had been times when I wrestled with thoughts to the contrary. I am not sure if they were twisted, condemning lies coming from Satan or my own thoughts .... originating from my unredeemed nature struggling with His truth as He renewed the Spirit of my mind or both. I did know His revealed truth experientially. I could boldly push these thoughts away with great faith and offered them to my heavenly Father as lies I once believed. I knew better now, Father had seared His love and truth through the reality of our relationship into my new heart. I could see with compassion how someone could very easily get caught up in dead works in an effort to earn Father's love... increase it... or keep it. I could see this tendency within me to do the same and released it as of the unredeemed nature, to Jesus in agreement with His finished work at Calvary ... in my minds eye I could see these lies being nailed to the cross, and made powerless by His truth made alive within. I repented for the times I might have unconsciously been caught up in dead works or encouraged it and prayed for those who are caught up in such ways of being. Through the Spirit of Christ abiding within me ever living to intercede though our union, I was led to extend the victory for us all, that HE had made me aware of, in agreement with words made alive within that Father's promises to us would not return to Him void. Afterward... I am brought to a place of abiding rest within... aware, the Spirit of the Lord reveals such truths according to the unfolding of Father's eternal plan for His creation and the revealing of His truth sets us free. During such preordained moments, I am brought into another level of increasing awareness and understanding experientially, that He is indeed working all out after the counsel of His will as He establishes His Kingdom on earth as it already exists in Heaven... within us all in our eternal now. Through His eyes of eternity I have been made aware Father's creation is going through a spiritual awakening which will evolved into an explosion of faith, hope, love, peace and joy and manifested redemption the like of which humanity has not experienced as a whole. I have been given eyes to see men fleeing darkness towards joy and hope as they run to His living word of light and truth to embrace it as their own ... through their choice of union with the Spirit of the Lord of life empowered through divine truth and all that is.

Father may we ever be blessed with an awareness of the reality of Your unconditional love and truth far beyond what we could ever think or imagine before we ever heard Your voice or first chose to answer Your call to believe by faith. May we freely speak with boldness and humility of Your truths in our lives... revealing Your Presence among us as Your family ... a Presence all can know without a shadow of a doubt when one chooses to believe with all their heart. May we see with ever increasing spiritual clarity through Your eyes of eternity as we grow in Spirit and in truth. Bless You for Your gift of such as this and that which is to be ... according to Your unfolding for each of us.