Jesus Never Heals the Same Way Twice

It amazes me to see how although Your nature remains the same.... Your ways of relating to us always changes.  It seems to be.... You do not want us to become dependent upon any one way of experiencing You.  You want us to know You fully, from revelation to revelation.  As we grow...  You tare down vain imaginations... distorted concepts, perspectives, ways of thinking we have of You, ourselves and each other and exactly how we think You, another, ourselves 'should' always Be .... As You do You change our natures... impart wisdom and the fruits of Your Spirit...  expand our understanding and knowledge...  reveal truth and error.  You make Yourself... Your will known in myriads of ways... on multiple levels... in other dimensions as You bring us into wholeness.... spirit, soul and body, in time and in eternity.

The first time You healed my body through a miracle the Doctor could not explain... You sent someone to tell me why don't I ask Jesus to heal my tubular pregnancy... explaining He healed all through the Bible. I had asked You to reveal to me the truth of Jesus Christ and this is one of the ways You chose to do so.... little was I aware, at that time You were in the process of restoring My soul, in the same time... You were transforming my Spirit through the indwelling power of Your Spirit making ItSelf, Your will in the moment known.

As a child of the flesh .... my soul was in torment... my Spirit was broken ....  and my body was not working properly. You made it known, You had another plan for my life....  for all those in such a state of Being, who hear and respond favorably to Your voice.... who choose to embrace Your promise of unconditional love and eternal restoration.  Bless You for the promise... we will prosper and be in good health, even as our soul prospers.

You revealed to me Jesus is the perfect new man sent to reveal to Us Your nature; sent to bring to pass Your will in ways we could experience and know about... ultimately revealing to us Who You are... and how You desire for us to become as Your Child...  as the spiritual body and Bride of Christ.... through the indwelling Holy Spirit of Christ ...   promised as an aspect of the completed work of Christ.... making known a Spiritual plan You established at the foundations of the world... and prophesied of ... proclaim through the Apostles and Prophets You send forth. 

Through the uniting of Our Spirits... in death and resurrection.... You offer us eternal rest... in Your Presence... in a place called Paradise... the Kingdom of Heaven within, the Kingdom of God being established on the earth through chosen vessels ... those who listen for Your voice and surrender having been convicted of Your will .... those who willingly give up the old for the new.  As new creations in and through Christ... in our present You offer us a life of love, inner peace and joy... manifested through the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit having become a part of our nature.... our eternal nature in relationship to You.

Thank You we can abide in Christ and Christ abides in us... through words You speak to our hearts... words you use to renew the spirit of our minds. Thank You for causing His words .. the words You sent Him to speak and make known as a reality... to abide in us.  Bless You for the seed of Your word which brings us into union with Your Spirit ...Bless You for preparing the soil of our hearts, that we might receive life anew... for living waters which give new life and refresh our souls and unite our spirits as we grow through Your tender loving care. Thank You for the light You shine upon Your word... light which causes germination.  Light which brings us from darkness into Your Kingdom of light. As our husbandman... the master gardener, You watch over the seeds you plant ... you weed us and prune us and protect us from disease and parasites. You have a purpose and a plan for us... and within that plan we can ever come to You to harvest seeds of love and truth that You might scatter them in the continual unfolding of Your eternal plan for Your creation.

You offer us healing Spirit, Soul and body... You offer us.... the power to become conformed to the image of Christ... as a spiritual body... as one new man... a new creation in Christ, Who is born to manifest the Spirit of Christ having been poured out on all flesh.  Manifesting the truth of our lives having become 'hid in Christ' through You.  Thank You for revelation knowledge... for spiritual reality... for reconciliation... for Your resurrection power which births our spirits... for life and it more abundantly, for eternal life ... Spirit... Soul ... Bodily.

Bless You... as a Child of Your Spirit... our soul is restored ... My Spirit has been healed and is being transformed daily... and my natural body is being overtaken by the spiritual body You promised us... through our union with the Holy Spirit of Christ You send forth for Your Kingdom sake... and the sake of all of Your creation. Thank You for eternal life... eternal love.  For Being Who You are....  and for creating us to Be through and awareness of our union with You....

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