Many people believe the book of Genesis begins with the fall of man… because of Eve and her encounter with the serpent… better known as Satan.  Few I have met realize it also contains a promise given to Eve, of the redemption of man from the affects of the fall…. which will come through one of her descendants, who will be the first born from the dead.   This promise of redemption… is the first prophecy, which foreshadows the coming Savior, Messiah of humankind, Jesus the Christ.  Christ means… the anointed One. Jesus means Jehovah saved.

  a·noint [ (schwa) nóynt ] (past a·noint·ed, past participle a·noint·ed, present participle a·noint·ing, 3rd person present singular a·noints) transitive verb

bless somebody with oil:  to rub oil or ointment on a part of somebody's body, usually the head or feet, as part of a religious ceremony, for example, in a Christian baptism... or preparation for the dead.

2.  ordain somebody:  to install somebody officially or ceremonially in a position or office

If you are like me, in the beginning of your studies of the bible, you might wonder… how exactly was Jesus anointed? Was it when John the Baptizer saw God’s Spirit descend upon Jesus, remaining, in the second chapter of John, a part of the New Testament?  It was there He was referred to as the Lamb of God who was to take away the sins of the world, foreshadowed in the Feast of Passover ordained by Moses in Exodus. It was at that moment John recognized HIM as the Messiah who had been promised by revelation and declared Him to be so. 

In the 12th chapter of John we are told; 6 days before Passover, during an intimate supper, Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, anointed the feet of Jesus with oil. Judas Iscariot, who later betrayed Jesus by handing him over to the religious rulers of His day, motivated by covet ness wanted to know … why was this costly ointment not sold for 3 hundred pence and given to the poor? Jesus rebuked him with words similar to: There will always be an opportunity to take care of the poor, but my death is coming and she is preparing me for my time of burial… leave her alone.

Some might wonder, about this custom of the day… to anoint their dead… why was this a tradition? One might ask… did it have a mystical meaning as well as a practical application during their age? Does it speak of an office Jesus is holding, such as a prophet, a priest… their Messiah or their soon coming King? Does Jesus speak of His death in advance… and His need for an anointing, that God’s will might be recognized openly? 

In Matthew chapter 26, we find Jesus telling His closest followers, after 2 days is the feast of the Passover and the Son of man… will be betrayed so He might be crucified. I have wondered what He means when HE calls Himself the son of man… Is He declaring Himself to be a descendant of Adam and Eve? Is He speaking of his identity with our flesh nature when doing so? A nature that was corrupted and sentenced to death in the garden… but given hope of redemption someday?  A nature which must die, so we might be restored to our place as a son of God, like Jesus, who lives in the Presence of God and promises to go to prepare a place for us, that we might join Him according to John 14. Does Jesus choose to call Himself this because it is the death of the flesh nature that is being foreshadowed here through His identification with us in joining us in the consequence of our sin? Why must this nature die… and why must Jesus die, if He is sinless and why on Passover in particular? Is it so our souls might be resurrected from the dead and live again walking in the Presence of God, our Father, restored?  Is there reference to this elsewhere to clarify or foreshadow? Is this the hidden meaning within the 23rd Psalm and Isaiah 53? Over the years I have asked Father God these questions and more… as I have chosen to follow Jesus to see where HE might lead me.

I find it interesting to read in context that immediately after Jesus prophesied His death on this occasion…. He is called the King of Israel by the people, in fulfillment of a prophecy of their coming Messiah and how He will be recognized, foreshadowed in Zech 9:9, and fulfilled as he rides into Jerusalem on a humble donkey… in John 12.  HE was called a King because He demonstrated His power over death, in the raising of Lazarus a short time before. Was He anointed in recognition of His role as a King who ruled over the flesh nature and death itself? Was He given power over death as an sign of that which was to come to past… His own resurrection from death because it had no hold on Him enabling Him to become our redeemer?

In the 26th chapter of Matthew we read that the chief priests, the scribes and the elders of the people, came to the place of the high priest, Caiaphas, and consulted together as to how they might take Jesus by trickery and kill him….. but they decided not to do it on the feast day… (Passover) due to a possible uproar of the people. It seems to be God, in HIS infinite wisdom had already prepared their hearts…. as part of HIS plan… of redemption, blinding their eyes to the truth of their own Messiah so others might know of the Hebrew Messiah, the Passover Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world.  This promise of this redeemer was given to Eve in the garden… when Satan’s power over her was exposed for what it was and what it would become… I will elaborate on this in another one of my writings for your consideration, if requested to do so.

Immediately following this decision, Jesus was anointed a second time.  Apparently, after His earlier anointing, Jesus again in Bethany, came to the house of a leper, called Simon… and there came to Him a woman… (Was she sent by God?) having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and she poured it on Jesus’ head as he sat to eat.  This time, when his disciples saw it they were indignant… saying to what purpose is this oil poured out, it is such a waste because this ointment might have been sold for much. Perhaps they thought Jesus had already been anointed once… and this was unnecessary, missing the higher revelation of the first anointing; for when Jesus was crucified above His head was a plaque pronouncing HIM to be The King of the Jews.   Jesus said to them, “Why are you bothering this woman because of her good actions toward Me… The poor will be with you always, but I will not be, she has poured this ointment on my body for my burial and what she has done this day will be remembered when ever my death and resurrection is spoken of." The next thing we read, a plot to betray Jesus is formed between Judas Iscariot and the chief priests, in fulfillment of that which was spoken of by prophets of old in a cloaked language, a prophetic language, which we find Jesus uses a lot.

It seems to be, the bible speaks to us in a hidden language… a language of mystery… a language of imagery, metaphors, parables…  a prophetic language… a spiritual language, which must be spiritually discerned, because GOD is spirit… and only HE can reveal to us the true meanings hidden deep within the message of HIS inspired writings…  May I suggest that you go to God Himself… and ask for His revelations regarding His promises to you and seek His answers for your own life that you might choose to follow HIM? After having done so…. Please I’d like to hear what HE has spoken to your spirit as well.