May I share my own perspective with those who might be interested?  Jesus tells us to follow HIM… What does that mean exactly? If we search the writings of the Hebrew / Christian Bible… to discern for ourselves what this means, what possible answer can we receive from this?

I have been told the bible is a spiritual book… a book which was inspired by God’s Spirit coming upon a man… speaking forth a truth, he has no other way of knowing… but is compelled to express through having had an encounter with God, for the benefit of all. Some take it by faith… that this is a true.

I have met those who embrace Jesus as a spokesman of God and this way of faith… who choose to believe that this is indeed God’s way of reaching out to mankind and speaking to us. Those I have met who speak of themselves as one of the followers of the teachings of Jesus are referred to as Christian…. Some of them have a deep need to study to hear and obey the spiritual teachings of this book as they live by the conscience they find they have been given since having heard God has a plan for mankind… and having come to desire to know what is it is that they might be a part of it’s fulfillment. Some are drawn to God through fear… some are given a desire to know truth… some seek HIM out of reverence and respect for Who HE has revealed Himself to Be through the words or actions they have been exposed to… some are drawn near to Him out of love and gratitude through what HE has revealed to them… some continue to seek His will for their lives further… desiring a deeper walk with His Spirit, that they might be changed and become like Him…that He might be blessed by their lives as HE overcomes any part of their being which has been corrupted before He revealed Himself as their creator and redeemer… some desire that their lives might reveal HIM and His reality… and HIS will for us… having chosen a life in HIS Presence as one of their greatest reward while still in this realm… still others come for their own reasons, having found themselves at their own unique stage of spiritual development and refinement… all come out of faith.  A faith they believe God is both the author of… and the finisher of… because the reality of HIS Presence with them and in their midst, they cannot shake, nor would they want to.  They know deep within HE is real… HE has revealed HIMSELF through intimate experiences; one or many… and they find they are drawn to HIM through circumstances in their lives they are aware HE has orchestrated.   Although they may not believe exactly the same… and have experiences unique to them alone… by faith those who call themselves Christians or are called Christian (to be Christ like), stand together… before HIS Throne… of Grace…  Truth….  and Love.

A love which is hard to understand…. yet is known and cannot be denied. 

I believe this love was first manifested to us in the person of Jesus Christ… God’s son…. Who, having been in HIS Presence… chose to come to the earth leaving behind all which it means to be one with GOD in heaven… that we might through our encounter with HIM… become one with God like He was while on earth.  I believe Jesus was with God before the foundations of the world… has been with HIM and will always be with HIM… because God’s Spirit dwells within HIM continually, wherever He might reside.  I believe HE was sent to the earth… to reveal to us HIS Father… our Father… that we might come to know Him and through having done so… become like HIM, freed from a nature which is foreign to His Own and brought into fellowship one with another, recognizing we have the same Father.

Jesus revealed so much to us about Father God… and as we become one with Jesus, through the encounters HE gives us, in response to His call… we become one with His Father as well… for it is the Father in Him reaching out to us.  The Son, who is Spirit, like His Father lives on having returned to His Father… yet resides in those who ask Him… and then reaches out to others through the one He has touched so intimately… and the cycle continues as a small part of HIS divine spiritual plan for man…. I believe, since the time of Christ we as a species have evolved spiritually that we might become the manifested sons and daughters of God on earth… and soon the whole world will see Him through us, as HE glorifies Himself in the process, having fulfilled His promise to Eve and her descendants.

I believe we as a spiritual species are in the midst of a spiritual revolution… I believe God’s Spirit is reaching out to men and women, and children of today’s generation in ways more powerful than any other generation… that they might come to KNOW HIM and to know HIS great love for us… as we leave behind our false concepts of God and ourselves and become Christ like.

I believe God is imparting His Own Spiritual revelations… understandings…. knowledge… wisdom… whatever it is we need as an individual… through the mind of Christ awakened within us, so we might begin our journey of faith back home to HIM and I believe we meet others who will encourage us along the way as we allow ourselves to grow and change through our mystical union with God.

I believe we experience no one by accident… because I believe those who seek to follow Jesus and His way and truth… are sent… even when they are unaware HE has them there, as part of HIS plan of redemption for mankind….