Mystery Babylon and America's Possible Symbolic Role to the Others Nations as the Harlot who serves God of the Natural Senses. 

It seems to be the present day Spirit/attitude of America symbolizes mystery Babylon, spiritually speaking ... because America as a melting pot of people from the Nations/cultures/religions in the world. As a Spiritual Harlot, she ultimately represents aspects of the unredeemed nature at war with the Spirit of Christ within. She must be cast down, so the Bride of Christ as the New Jerusalem can be seen as the City set upon a Hill.  Spiritual Mt Zion.  The Spirit of America at war within, mirrors different aspect of both the redeemed and the unredeemed nature, back to each nation from which her descendants originated historically, giving humanity globally the opportunity to see themselves as a mixture of flesh and spirit... some who are walking out their redemption, reflecting those who having tasted of Jesus' truth/power are seeking to 'do what is right in their own eyes', others are in open rebellion... all of us are in need of resting in/drawing upon the present day power of the sovereignty of God's Spirit within, and His unfolding plan for us, in our present age and the age to come.

Could it be, America in the role of mystery Babylon, reveals the limitations/aspects of humanity which hinder spiritual growth when it goes unchecked .... when the carnal nature does not want to be accountable and seeks to build it's own Kingdom for gain, like those who followed the leaders of Babylonia in days of old, (Ex Tower of Babel in Gen 11)?

Could it truly be, the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St John, speaks symbolically of the unredeemed nature being manifested as mystery Babylon (the Harlot versus the Bride of Christ) ... in a metaphorical imagery format, to expose/mirror the unredeemed lust motivated attitude of those who come together as one body of people... to build their own Kingdom outside of His redemption; and the anti Christ Spirit attempting to overcome present day America is being used as a public example of an attitude which is at war with the Spirit of all that is redeemed?

Could it be, the symbolic representatives of Babylonia in ancient days... before the language of man was confused and man was scattered, preventing carnal man from building their own limiting Kingdom ... was a precursor/foreshadow of what was to take place spiritually in our age... revealing the contrast of the Harlot and the Bride of Christ, giving everyone the change to choose having seen the contrast and heard the call to come out from among her?

Could it be, the Spirit of Lord through love and mercy, seeing into the depths of our hearts, chose to stop them, intervened because HE has a more glorious plan already in motion? From the understanding I have been given such was established at the foundations of the world, and was prophesied promising a redeemer Messiah? I have received further revelation... the Victory is our for the taking, when we come out from among those walking after the flesh and are separated from the Spirit of the world through the New Covenant.

Could it be... today, Father is still intervening, in behalf of HIS creation... to bring about the fullness of HIS glorious plan and the example of the present state of the heart America in it's Role as a Spiritual Harlot ... a self righteous, wealthy superpower with a mixture of religions of men, has lost her way  through choosing  to separate itself from the commands of the God in whom she originally trusted as a soaring Eagle, is a visual warning to those who seek to blindly imitate her arrogant attitude/greedy/ways, through the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life?

Could it be Believers are being convicted and called out from such a mindset as an example/light... to receive the mind/power of Christ afresh... whereby there will be evidence His Kingdom rules our heart and lives (as His Spiritual Bride), revealing  His True Bride is not looking to our government/world leaders to 'save' us?  We know through whom our life in the Spirit comes....

Could it be the handwriting of the Gospel of HIS Kingdom, a call to repentance to receive a greater measure of our redemption, is on the wall, so to speak and everyone will be given eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to surrender, a mind to understand and discern, the power to overcome and.............. that they too might receive that which is already ours to embrace through Christ ... Jesus being the author and finisher of our faith individually?

Please consider the Link: A_Prayer_of_Blessings after rereading Revelation 18, keeping in mind the destruction of the 'World Trade' Center, which the whole world could watch from afar, it having been caught on tape; an act which ultimately has affected the wealth/trade agreements of the world, the global economies/governments of this world, ever since... such caused an increase of wars and rumors of wars to continue and has exposed much corruption and greed among organizations and world leaders, to include wolves in Sheep's Clothing within the Church System. Such leaders often represent those who follow them/elect/look to them first, rather than the Lord ... and the time to do so must come to an end.

Could it be the Government of Christ is about to rule and reign in a greater way... as the Bride prepares herself... by taking off the garbs of the Harlot with Revelations of the Lord and puts on garments which are without spot and wrinkle, in anticipation of her Bridegroom?

If so... that which is taking place worldwide, which appears to be chaos is in truth Divine Order coming forth .. for such is part of Father's unfolding plan... and is necessary to bring about circumcised hearts and the greatest out pouring, rising up of HIS Spirit of love and truth in our hearts, since the days of Pentecost... and the birthing of the New Covenant through Christ. Bless You Father... may we rest in YOU and Your will... and ever unfolding plan and purpose for each of us.

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