Abba Father... Precious Spirit of Christ... I will never forget the first day... when You said to me: "Pay attention to your thoughts".  I had asked You... to teach me to hear Your voice clearly all of the time, not just when I am specifically asking the Holy Spirit to reveal Your thoughts to me as I consistently choose to listen for Your voice....... when I listen for Your will and purpose... for Your wisdom and knowledge... for Your understanding and clarity...  for Your interpretation of the present for myself or another ... as my way of Being... as manifested by example through Your Presence walked among us ... so Your power can live through me... us... to accomplish Your eternal purposes ... or to speak Your words whenever You desire... YOU having offered me the opportunity to be a listening heart and Your power manifested to heal... spirit... soul... body; imparting Your gift of faith through my life as evidence of Your fulfillment of a prophetic word You proclaimed to be Your will.... Your promises to be fulfilled through my life.  

Abba... You said "Pay attention to your thoughts",  to me twice within a short amount of time. The first time was when I was house sitting a customer through a House Cleaning Company... "Keepers of the Home",  You had given me... as a form of employment... redemption,  something You blessed me with as a single parent, after answering my prayers...  teaching  me how to be organized and how to clean with excellence without obsessing  or condemning and how to be responsible the best I can while seeking balance through Your Holy Spirit within... as I learned to be content with that which You brought to pass... revealing Your will for my present.... thus imparting peace and joy in the midst of what was often troublesome times.   Bless You... thank You.... I truly appreciate what You have done and are doing....You have been very sweet... and I truly appreciate You.

While checking on a customers home to make sure no one had intruded ... I heard a voice within say. "Don't open the closet." I remember responding... "Why would I open the closet... I don't snoop. Besides I already cleaned and organized it."  justifying my choice by thinking there was no evidence of a break-in, which would warrant for me to do otherwise.   Soon after when I came to check on the house again... upon opening the front door... it was evident someone destructive had been there.  After the police investigation...  You brought it to my attention, the intruder was a would be rapist who had been hiding in the closet.  Upon hearing this disturbing news... You reminded me of our closet conversation ... and said "Pay attention to your thoughts."  A light went on...  as understanding poured in...and came to the surface empowering me.  Thank You for Your intervention.... and for giving me ears to hear... and spiritual eyes to see through.

The second time You spoke those words... was while I was driving down a major beltway... about to take an exit. At first I heard within my mind the words... "Don't take that exit, go another way."... I remember responding. "Yeh... I think I will go straight ahead, I like to take different roads along the way. It's fun and it makes life interesting."  Immediately after I passed the exit there was a 6 car pile up on the exit lane. I knew I would have been in the middle of it had I taken that exit. Upon having this revelation I heard from deep within, "Pay attention to your thoughts."   It was obvious to me then... You speak to us regularly ... we hear when we want to be open to the possibility... or are made aware. Please make us to be ever mindful when You do speak and to respond in ways which bring You joy. Thank You...  for Your gift of communication with YOU...  thank You for true communion... whereby we can worship You in spirit and in truth... and not simply according to our natural limited... traditional understanding ... thank You... for making Yourself known in loving and gentle and ever increasing ways.


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