When i asked to know that which was coming for the year 2003 and beyond.... i heard, "This is the year of Jesus and His bride."  I sensed that which has been accomplished for her and through their becoming one... will be revealed... manifested... drawing all men to Our Father.... in ways mankind has not seen before and it will continue to do so exponentially. God's anointing... His Presence within Us..... which will lift Jesus higher...  will break the yoke and set the captives free. Those who do not know Our Father intimately... will be in awe..... and HE will be glorified as His sons and daughters are manifested by His Spirit within them... glorifying Jesus as the firstborn of many. We will continue to see more and more of His Own... who will reveal Father Gods' love and the words and works of Christ as a reality in their lives... infecting those they come in contact with.... with His life giving force.... that they too may know... and become sons of the living God... Our Father. 

Darkness and lies and the false systems of men, will continue to be expelled.... exposed and destroyed as His light and truth is revealed and gives new life...  in contrast. We have nothing to fear... and much to receive.... through love.... which offers eternal peace... in each present moment we find ourselves. Jehovah.... the Almighty... eternally Self existing One.... Who keeps His promises to Us... will show Himself to be true to His word... in ways which cannot be denied..... or explained away... and have not yet been conceptualized in the minds of men.  

When i asked about 2004 and beyond I heard: 'As the darkness on the earth seems to prevail...  rejoice... for in the contrast shines forth the bride of Christ who has been preparing herself... through love and wisdom. Because of her testimony of love and redemption by her kinsman redeemer... Jesus will be seen as one who is the lover  of Your souls... and His bride... will become a light... with HIM... representing through the union of their hearts and minds... the city of truth... set upon a hill... for all to see... calling others to enter into MY rest... as the new Jerusalem... the true city of peace.... which has come on the earth... as it was intended when I first spoke it into Being.'

When i asked about 2005 and beyond I recognized: I have seen the manifestation of the above continuing all around me as I observe with new eyes ... 'as seen through the eyes of eternity',  that which HE promised us.... and am assured this will continue throughout 2005 and beyond as we learn to live in our eternal now in union with HIS Spirit.  Am being called to ask others to stand as ONE with HIM in us as one mind, as He intercedes through us... for His consciousness, the mind of Christ to continue to awaken within... one person at a time, adding to a collective consciousness which already exists.... the darkness having been exposed through the brightness of HIS Light... birthing us out of death into life.  Was reminded, in 1989, I was made aware that all previously inspired prayer since the dawn of man will be answered in our generation and beyond... some in the form of seed for other generations... others as evidence of HIS truth to us all in our Present Day. Am assured this will bring about the manifestation of the love of Father God and His son.... in an ever increasing measures.... especially as evidenced through His mature sons and daughters... those who live in HIS Kingdom realm... on earth, as it is already established in heaven, in their eternal now.

When i asked about 2006 and beyond I was inspired to ask and offer the following: Please join me in continuing to stand with HIM in agreement with HIS revealed will for His eternal family... aware we do not have the fullness of HIS power outside of HIS Divine intervention and providential care.  As we enter into the year 2006 and beyond, may we receive and experience according to His revelation to us the ever increasing fullness of our being 'absolutely surrendered … and released from all that comes from the flesh … lower nature to receive that which has been redeemed in spirit and truth; empowering us to become who we were created to Be in and through our union with the mind and Spirit of Almighty God.' 

May I offer? As we humbly surrender through our union, Father's Holy Spirit within us daily rises up transforming and conforming us as His new creation; already seated with Christ in heavenly places … in spirit and in truth ... having already overcome in time and eternity ... receiving that which is through love... and is to be through the uniting of our hearts and minds with our father and His son.... bringing forth the manifestation of Jesus' prayers for us. As we let go of all of the old to receive the new... the old becoming hid in Christ through God... Father’s mature sons and daughters are manifested on the earth... establishing His righteous and holy Kingdom... within and in our midst… making way for a new heaven and a new earth. Having become weak through surrendering the lower nature... we become strong through the power of HIS MIGHT... as a new creation through Christ... an eternal spiritual Being ... a loving eternal companion…. the inheritance of God … His all in all.  Letting go … through the power of Christ … of our limited concepts, perspectives, expectations, interpretations, ideals, self centered goals, vain imaginings and motivations, selfish negative ways of being.... all which is rooted in and preconditioned … tainted … through the flesh … lower nature, will open and keep open the way for His Spirit to rise up within, in Spirit and in Truth with Power ascending from on high, from glory to glory.  Such brings us into His Presence, keeps us at rest... in peace... with joy and love... abiding eternally in and through HIM.  I see this for all who humbly answer His providential call... having become aware... through HIS awareness and sovereignty... as seen through the eyes of eternity through our union with our father and His son, and one another as the resurrected ‘body and bride of Christ’ in time and eternity.