I Am Aware YOU have Made Me Aware of You... 

You have Made Me Aware You are not the author of confusion... You Say, "Confusion comes from a rebellious nature, a nature which seeks to separate itself from You, and Your Will, to stay separate, to Be it's own god... and to choose to believe it has no need of You any longer, for the illusion of it's own power causes it to limit itself, by limiting You. This nature, chooses to judge You to Be evil... it chooses to be skeptical... and to slander Your name in ignorance. This nature has been corrupted through choosing to walk in its own darkness, calling it light, rather than choosing to embrace You as the Light You are and Living in Your Light... Your Love... Your Truth. This nature ignorantly or willfully offers the fruits of death and all which would follow, in it's illusion, in it's rebellious state, deceiving itself and Others." 

You Say, "Our Mind was corrupted through this nature, and therefore, We need Your Spirit, Which is Holy and Pure, Full of Wisdom, Motivated by Love so We can Become Who We were Created to Be as Your Child. You Say, You are Our Father, Our Creator, the Source of Life, the Source of All Truth, The Source of Love... and You bid Us Come... You bid Us to Taste of Your Goodness and Faithfulness... You ask Us to Release Our Illusions ... To Embrace Your Truth."

I look around Me, and See that there is indeed Wickedness.... the Fruit of Evil of this World I find Myself in, for Life Happens to Us. I can also See the Beauty of Your Holiness... and Harmony and Order, in the midst of what appears to Be Chaos as I continue to Experience the Abundance of a Spiritual Life with an Awareness of You...

I, like Other's who have Chosen to Know You, and to Carry Your Messages in Spirit and Truth, have Asked for Your Nature to Come Alive Within Us, just as Jesus promised would happen, after He died and was resurrected and You overcame Death in Our behalf...for Righteousness sake.

Jesus said, 'An Awareness of Your Presence Birthed Within would Expose the Lies which once ruled Our Lives, so we May Come to You without Fear, Motivated by Your Love for Us and Your promise of Eternal Life and the Goodness it contains. 

I have Asked that We Be Holy Like You, that You Would Be Glorified In and Through Your Creation and All would See and come to Understand You and Your ways. I have asked, that We Be Enabled to Listen to Your Heart, and to Walk according to Your Will... and to Rest in Your Plan... that We might Rest in Your Presence once again through Your gift of reconciliation and in due season become ministers of reconciliation in Your Behalf. 

I have asked, That Our Hearts may Be as One.... just as Your Heart was One with Jesus. You Say, "This is Easily Done... in a Moment of Revelation, in a Twinkling of an Eye... and only I can Bring This into Being... With My Gift of Faith, which Brings Healing, a Gift, I Freely Offer each of You, through My Son." 

You Say, "You only need to Ask, and Choose to Believe, and Receive, as You Learn to Seek and Trust Me to Change You, simply because that is My Desire as well, for I have Put that Desire Within You, and I draw You ever Forward."

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