`Yes, You can rest in My love… in My goodness... in My eternal plan
for My Own... My Family.

Yes ...You can rest... in the Knowing... I make fully alive within

Yes, rest in Knowing... it is I Who makes Known ... the Spiritual
Life begins through Me and the continual increase of My unfolding is
part of My eternal plan and Your Spiritual regeneration ...
Spiritual evolution empowering You to become Who I created You to
Be through our union.

Rest in Knowing .... it is I Who makes Known ... the offer of My
Life in exchange for your own... that We might become One through
Our union .... Life from life.... love through love.... holiness as
holiness... truth, the is that it is.

Rest in Knowing... I Am causing Our minds and wills to become One,
through My Spirit of love, truth, holiness ... the eternal fruits of
My Spirit ...Your having sought such.... through My having drawn
You, empowering You to surrender with inner joy and peace,
regenerated through the faith I offer... faith in an awareness of My
eternal goodness... in the intentions of My kindness towards You and
Yours.... all I love.

Rest in Knowing... when You were lost... I sought You out and made
You aware of My love, of My way, having birthed You through My
firstborn ... Jesus ... at the foundations of the world.

Rest in Knowing... that which I began, was accomplished.... is Being

Rest in Knowing... You are walking out the plan designed for You, to
expose the lies which once held You captive.... You've been
empowered to walk free of illusion ... delusion … in Spirit and in
truth ... through Our union.

Rest in Knowing... You are experiencing release from your
intellectual and emotional core beliefs ~ inherited through natural
DNA and intimacies of life ... to Be reconditioned through the life
of the Spirit You are encountering through Our union as a new creation

 ~ revealing My thoughts... My emotions... My intents to Your mind ... within Your
heart ... awakening aspects of Who You are as My inheritance…. as
the mind of Christ perfected in each of You.

Rest in Knowing... although the transformation is not always
comfortable, You have never been alone, nor left powerless to
overcome. I Am with You ... within You, offering life and it more
abundantly from eternal now to eternal now.  Draw upon Me.

Rest in Knowing... I have spoken ... You hear. I have revealed ...
You understand. I empower You to choose to walk with My wisdom and
power in the way I place before You as a co-Creator. You are redeemed.

Rest in Knowing... My words come to You in the form of spiritual
seed which I plant and tend with loving care and eternal knowledge
and wisdom, that it return not to me void of My intention.

Rest in Knowing... when You seek I make known.

Rest in the Knowing.

Rest in ME.

Yes, the season of Our rest in now.