Below is a copy of a message which i was told is intended for His Bride and not just those Who were gathered together ... with the intent of following the leading of His Spirit within Them at a Camp Meeting We were invited to attend during November 2002, which you might want to consider. It is an excerpt from a letter to One Who was used to guide a gathering of Christian Believers as We fellowshipped... revealing that which was imparted and stirred within my own Spirit as We experienced His Presence together.

During some of Our 2 hour drive to your humble dwelling place... which reflects your personality *big  grin, i continued to pray quietly in the Spirit... to get the mind of Our dad.. with regard to what He desired for all of Us and well as Himself...  having beckoned Us and Others to attend your camp meeting. we have visited few such gatherings since having been told to come apart, back in 1989, for a time of consecration, until released to do so again.

The imagery He gave me... in the Spirit... was that of a wooden pole... much like that which is used for a telephone pole... or power line. Leaning against it was a  ladder. I was aware of the feet of One Who had already gone up until they disappeared into a mist... and the Body of Another, Who was following them up the ladder.  When the last Individual came to the place where They could no longer go any higher with the help of the ladder... They noticed a stair step of spikes (important metaphor) embedded in the wooden pole... way up high which the Individual before Them had used. When the Individual standing on the top rung of the ladder saw these spikes... They eagerly stretched themselves... in order to follow the One who had gone before.... and disappeared into a thick mist as well. When i saw this mist i thought of a great cloud of Witnesses... Who were hid deep within this cloud and had gone on to that which laid beyond it. These witnesses...  had been eagerly waiting for Their arrival.  I understood One had to really want to go up higher... and Be willing to follow Another Who had gone before, if necessary... in order to see and reach these spikes... and to answer the call to come up higher.   I was aware... these spikes had been put there for Others Who had gone before Them... with the purpose of establishing... maintaining or upgrading the power and communications lines when the time arose.  I understood We would each Be climbing  further up these steps tonight as we gathered... United through His Spirit with Those Who had gone on before Us and would come after Us... for We live in His eternal now.

I heard the words communication and power and understood We were Each going to Be brought to a new place in and through Him... according to His timing.  I was aware We would Be brought  to a higher place of communion... and clearer communication... which would empower Us, though Our having come into His Presence together and independent of One Another.  I understood the ladder always remains behind for Others... Who would spot it... and look up to see where it led and why... or Who would hear of it... and knew where to find it and why it was there and would eagerly embrace that which was waiting  high above... hidden from view within this cloud.

As you know... having experienced it with me during Our times of fellowship... intercession... and corporate worship,  last evening... Our Spirits were moved to come closer to Him... having been touched by Him in One Another, (I thank Him within you... for enabling Anyone Who wanted to, to share that which was on Their heart... without condemnation... and with much encouragement... so We could grow and come to know Him and One Another by His Spirit and as a family. This is what my husband and i do... when We meet together as a family with those He sends to Us.. or sends Us to... through a smaller more intimate simplistic way in the privacy of Our homes and it was refreshing to Be with Others who do the same in their own way.)  Next, We were moved by His Spirit in you, to reach out in One accord for healing... first for Those Who had needs... within the whole man... Spirit, Soul or Body. Eventually... as Others continued to come forward... We were moved by His Spirit to stand in for Another if We were so led.  

As We remained in His Presence corporately, receiving... His love... His power to transform... His mind... His will...  for Ourselves and One Another... As we remained in His Presence... giving our love to Him, that HE too might Be blessed... in return.... Through the Spiritual eye i have been given, i saw the image of a Body. I was aware It's middle had been void... empty... but His healing energy and His Essence was continually filling It with His light... causing His power to flow and give life to the whole person.... changing His/Her way of Being as each new day dawned.  I understood that which had been empty... had become that way because it had been eaten away like a cancer... with condemnation, bitterness, rebellion, lies, control, fears and other consequences of sin and unbelief.  

As We worshipped Him... drawn more and more into His unconditional love and the purity of His Holiness...  even more aware We Become Holy through Our union with Him,  through the life of Christ having been awakened within Us enabling us to touch Him,  for ourselves or another, i was once again reminded... the love We offer Him... and the love We bath in.... that He offers in return,  is the power which is transforming this image of a single Body... a metaphor of All,  who had been lacking.... only moments before.  He has made me aware, this is only one aspect of living intercession.... through which He lives to ever intercede through Us as a whole... when we come together as One mind universally... United through love... 

Having come to understand it is true... that whenever Any of Us linger in His Presence to offer Our love and to receive Love in turn.... not just at times set aside for group gatherings... but through Our everyday lifestyle as well... His healing... transforming  power rushes through Us... filling His Body as a Whole worldwide... and We Become One through a love which is offered to Him... and shared by all.  I was  impressed He desired to say..  'Yes, We Each Become One in and through Him as a whole Being... corporately... when We enter into His Presence together... as His Bride... but We also Become One in and through Him to a greater measure... during Our intimate times alone with Him in the privacy of Our homes.... in Our inner chambers.... Our Bridal Chamber where We can give and receive love without distractions.'  I rejoiced with Him that, as His Bride... when We Unite with Him through love... life is birthed forth.... and Others Become.... are born again... are transformed with Us through Our mutual love and desire to bless One Another.... as Bride and Bridegroom.... One of the purposes of our Spiritual Union and life together. 

I rejoiced with Him in the awareness He has given me... We do not need to ever leave the privacy of Our homes... in order to Unite with Him through love... and  the Spirit of Holiness and Truth.... and how much HE desires to Be with Us loving and Being loved privately... and not just corporately.....  Long ago... He revealed to me, He desires to speak to Each of Us intimately at any given moment... not just when We are present with Another or gathered to hear His voice with Others of a like mind. He desires to speak to us through all of life with spontaneity.

I rejoiced with Him through the knowledge He had imparted during Our times alone together... that... Being together corporately as an act of fellowship and worship and transformation is good. Being with Another, One on One through an intimate time of Union of Our hearts with Him... recognizing and  loving Him in Each Other and those far off is better... but being alone with Him for a time of Spiritual Union is best.  There is a purpose in each.... which enables us to remain in harmony with all of life. 

That which HE would speak to Us as an Individual...  as His Bride... is what He desires the most for His Own.  A great desire of His, is for Us to relate to Him through His Spirit... the mind of Christ awakened within Each of Us, while alone... dependent upon His Spirit within to bring Us in... and Unite us to Him... Our having chosen to freely come whenever the desire comes upon Us to do so.

I have come to understand... Our intimate times of Union... where We pour Our hearts out to Him... and Him alone...  bring forth the power and essence of true Spiritual communion... which blesses all of life and not just Us alone.  This is not simply a time of fellowship and worship which Unites Our Spirits with His... but and act of intercession... communion... which births or transforms Others as well. I have become aware, harmony and balance is birthed within an Individual through a revelation of His love and truth...  for All of Us, that We might  Each Become who We were created to Become... before the foundations of the world. I have come to understand He has been imparting a new aspect of spiritual warfare... One where His Bride has taken off her combat boots... and for some, even their dancing slippers... and have come to a place of Union with Him  comfortably naked... unashamed.... through His Spirit and in Truth.... remembering... it is finished and We have nothing to hide... and nothing to fear and much to give!  We have been redeemed... and it is time to walk in liberty with joy and peace pouring out that which offers life!  We can rest in His love and will for All of man... knowing He is working behind the scenes...  bringing about that which will be best in the end... receiving that which He imparts to bring new life whenever We are given the choice to do so.  He draws Us continually... and We know... when We respond...  We will not be disappointed... and We shall be transformed!