Thank You my Love for Life and for making it more abundant through an awareness of You.

Bless You for the Godly Morals and Spiritual Revelations You impart through the Union of Our Hearts.  Thank You for giving me the desire to be devoted to You and the fulfillment of Your Will.


In coming to Know You and Life in the Spirit with You intimately, I have come to cherish Life… and all You love … I am especially grateful for the Gift of Eternal Life and all which You have in store for Us. Thank You for the Gift of Spiritual Reality.


Bless You for sharing Your Lifeblood and Love with me … with Others; and for crossing Our Paths connecting Us as One through Your Spirit ... whether we each meet face to face it matters not.  The Preciousness of Knowing We are of One Body birthed through the Resurrected Holy Spirit of Christ, the Firstborn from the dead can be enough if You deem it so.


Thank You for keeping me… in the Knowing You are always with Us and all is unfolding according to the Goodness of Your Eternal Plan for Those reborn of Your New Covenant with Them.  Bless You for enabling Us to see the perfection of Your Timing and the Connectedness of All through the Manifestation of Your Sovereign Will in our daily living.  Bless You for the zeal You give me to Stand with the Gift of Faith for ALL to come to such a place of Knowing Intimacy.


Thank You for giving me the Opportunity to Stand Triumphant with Faith on Your Revealed Word... for proving to me after doing so... the Jubilation, Truth, Mercy, Majesty, ... Aliveness of it. Bless You for Those You bring across Our path Who are Signposts we are each walking with You as the part of the Body we are as New Creations in Christ.


Bless You for showing me the Connectedness of All Living Things and that which is common to man... whether One walks in the Spirit or after the Flesh ... reminding me from whence I came and how Faithful You have been to bring me through as a Child of Yours.  Bless You for the compassion and humility You poured out in such Moments... filling me with the freshness of Your Spirit. Thank You for showing me my need to take up my cross and die daily as I walk out my Salvation through the Gift of Obedience... with fear and trembling ... and the glorious assurance it is You Who works in me to will and to act according to Your Good Purpose.


Thank You for the Gift of Absolute Surrender and for working within me the desire for it. Bless You for removing deceptions, fears of bondage and my need to understand from a Ego driven perspective as I took/take up my cross; for transforming my weaknesses and empowering me to Trust in Who You are and in Your Spiritual Ways with All My Heart, leaning not to my finite understanding and own strength, but rather acknowledging Your Spirit within, in all my ways as We walk through Life together in Spirit and Truth.


Thank You for Anointing me ... Us ... to walk in the Spirit and not after the Flesh ... an Anointing which causes Us to Live the Truth of Your Words and Covenant Promises establishing your Kingdom in our hearts and on earth as it already is in Heaven.


Thank You for the inner witness which sees through the Eyes of Your Eternal Spirit, our having received Christ Consciousness ... the mind of Christ through our being Born of Your Spirit to partake of the Tree of Eternal Life as part of Your Redemptive Plan for Your Creation.  Bless You for revealing such and more to me ... Us.


Thank You in letting go of our life of Spiritual Death We receive Life Eternal with a Consciousness of the Reality of You, Eternity and Who we are in Relation to You and Your Divine Favor towards Those Reconciled through accepting Your Infinite Wisdom, Righteousness and the Love poured out through the unfolding of Your Covenant Plan. Bless You for that which You intend so lovingly for Us.  May You Be blessed beyond measure.


Bless You for Fulfilling Your Promise of Keeping me in the Faith, at rest as You direct my Path and equip me with a Knowing which reveals Your abiding Presence and Glorious Power and the Truth You can always be Trusted with the care of Our Lives.  Thank You for lighting the Pathway before Us and for giving me a desire to walk with You as the Love of My Life ... Who increases my Love for Others through Your UnSelfish Love and the Life and Liberty it pours forth as I grow up to become Who You created me to Be as a New Creation through the Spirit of Christ.  May You always be blessed having done so.

Thank You for the Gifts of Wisdom and Righteousness through Christ which gives origin to Spiritual Revelation, Conviction, Repentance, Gratefulness, Faithfulness and Loving Forgiveness; and for the Power to walk with Holiness and the Hope which comes with Spiritual Knowledge and Understanding through our ever flourishing Union with Your Spirit ... I stand in perpetually expanding Awe with a Heart that Sings and prays without ceasing.  Bless You with such an attitude of Heart whenever something seeks to rob me of joy... You have quickly brought me back to a place of rest.


Thank You for the Release and Renewal which came when I was given the Understanding... Fiery Trials and Life's Challenges are Blessings from You ... Seasons of Divine Favor which gives us the opportunity to embrace the Goodness of Your Will and the Power to Walk as Those Born of Your Spirit with Peace, Joy, Gentleness and the overcoming power of Holiness and Spiritual Love ... Spiritual Food which brings about Divine Transformation on Multiple Levels as we Appropriate that which You intended and Grant with undying pleasure.


I know not with clarity what the next moment will bring… but I am grateful to be at rest in the Knowing You gave me… whatever it is … it is a Gift of Life with Love from You ... a Blessing which draws us closer and reveals and imparts Your Truth, Will and more than words can express.


You know what must Be…  what is best for all concerned and are Faithful to bring it about. Thank You for this.


Bless You for the Gift of Sanctification and for Sanctifying our Families as well through the Covenant You made for Us ... for working in Our hearts and giving Us the Faith to yield and Stand on Your Promises, even when circumstances seem as though You are not.


Bless You for conveying Your Understanding... whatever it is … each Moment is to be experienced as Precious and bringing about Ultimate Good not only for Oneself but for the sake of many ... with a deep inner Knowing, there is Indeed Divine Order in what may at times feel like or appear to be Chaos to the heart and eyes of the flesh ... All is indeed a necessary part of Your Eternal Plan for Those Who would Be Redeemed... Who would accept the Terms of the Covenant You made in Our Behalf as a Precious Gift founded on Love.  Thank You for the Gifts of Communication and Answered Prayers ... for extending Your Covenant working power from Generation to Generations ... turning the Adamic Curse into a Blessing of Grace.


Thank You in hindsight we can see why what was... was necessary for the ultimate good which has come, is coming into being.  Bless You for the Comfort, Wisdom and Understanding You bring through such Revelatory Moments and Spiritual Experiences. Thank You for Scripture which leads Us to a Search of You and Your Truth and which inspires us to receive that which You Offer so Generously.


Bless You for taking away my fear of Death and Hell … and for granting me such pleasure in the Present Moments … Moments experienced with You ... with Hope of the eternal Good which is and is yet to Be. Bless You for Opening my Spiritual Eyes to the Good of the Moment ... to the Good within each of Us which comes through our Relationship with You and the fulfillment of Your Covenant Promises ... Promises of Hope You established at the Foundations of the World.


Bless You for all of the times You have healed me, in Your timing... in Your Unique ways... healing which comes with Revelations and Transformations You grant in the Moments. Thank You for speaking to me and for revealing Your will in such tender ways. Thank You for removing the fears with the Gift of Faith which is manifesting exponentially the Reality of Your Spiritual Truth.  Bless You for all You have done for my Spirit... my Soul... my Body ... for that which is yet to Be for each of Us.


Bless You for Those Faithful Vessels of Love, Divine Wisdom and Healing You brought into my life to speak Your Truth and impart Your intention of the Moment.  Thank You for using them to teach me... and help me to develop the Gift of Spiritual Discernment and the Fruits of Your Spirit. May They be rewarded in kindness.


Thank You for the Seasons You have used me as a Vessel of Healing... as One sent with a Servants Heart... as One Who comes in Your Name as Your Witness of Truth, Love, Wisdom and Power with an Anointing which long ago set the Captives Free ... and for that which is yet to Be through Christ.  Thank You for all which has taken place as You have done so... may such Healings continue as Signs and Wonders and Miracles that reveal Your Glory and workings in Our Lives.


Bless You for the Gifts of Peace and Humility which comes from the Knowing and Wisdom You impart with such  Precious Anointings of Love.


Thank You for the Visions, Prophecies, Dreams, Words of Knowledge and Wisdom You have given me... and the myriad of ways You Speak to me... expressing Your Infinite Being and Omni Presence and Power.  Bless You for removing the part of me which would seek to limit You with finite expectations, understanding and needs. Bless You for keeping my heart at rest as You do so.


Bless You for the Gift of Joy which is present deep within … through Our having experienced the Goodness and Faithfulness of You. 


Bless You for bestowing upon us Eyes to See … to Perceive and Understand the Spiritual Truth of what is and is Being made Known ... and for the deep Peace which rises as we Wait Upon You and Your Perfect Timing.  Bless You for the Anointing which breaks all Yokes of Bondage ... for setting Captivity Captive.  Thank You we can abide in Christ through the power of Your Living Word.


Thank You for establishing my Priorities... as I surrender to Your request that I go with the Flow and do whatever my hand finds to do with a Servants Heart in the moments You lay out before me with unmerited Favor.  Bless You for manifesting YourSelf in them ... for the Knowing a relationship with You imparts... an intimate recognition You can be trusted... You will never leave Us nor will You ever forsake Us ... for We are Your Family.  I love You for such as this and more. Thank You I can rejoice with Others Who Love You in Kind ... be it in the Spirit or Face to Face.


Thank You for unveiling Spiritual Mysteries and for the Transformations … Transcending which comes with them as You personally Chasten Us, Instruct Us, Encourage Us and Teach Us Your ways.  Bless You as You lead Us in the Way We are to go so Our Life Lessons are learned and the Fruits of Your Spirit are developed, exercised and matured.  


Bless You for the Gift of Free Will Choice… and for giving Us the Opportunity to Choose Good over Evil with You ... as Your Redeemed and Reconciled Family of Holiness. Thank You for bringing to death the aspects of the Ego which would hinder our Spiritual Growth, our ability to hear Your Voice clearly and receive Your Desires as Our Own.  Thank You for making our Desires as One.


Bless You for Developing the Fruit of Your Spirit within Us and for orchestrating favorable circumstances so we become Aware All can be experienced as a Gift from You ... meant for Good and not Evil, even if we do not recognize such immediately. Thank You for opening our Spiritual Eyes to see and perceive Your Truth and Love in due course ... Bless You for the Power and Unction to walk in such as You bring Us into Spiritual Maturity with the Gift of Self Discipline, Obedience and Spiritual Mindfulness. Thank You for the Spiritual Food You so generously and kindly present for Our much needed Sustenance. 


Bless You for Your Gift of Provision on multiple levels… and for all You have given Us Dominion Over through Your Power of Restoration and Redemption. May We Rule as One Born of Your Image after Your Likeness … Glorifying You as One of Your Own ... Those sent in Your Name with Your Good News, Power and Authority ... Those Awakened from Spiritual Death unto Eternal Life in Our Now. May the doing of such make Your Heart Sing with Joy!  May we rejoice with You in such a way we Cherish the Memories as One at rest in You and Your completed work ... work previously accomplished for Us... empowering Us to become Overcomers through Christ as Our Lord.


Thank You for the Gift of Faith, Hope and Covenant Promises Fulfilled … All which is needed throughout Our Spiritual Journey with You… with Others … with Those You are forming in Your Image after Your Likeness. Bless You for the Breath of Life and that which is granted through the Blood of Jesus ... Spiritual DNA. May we Honor and Cherish Your Plan.


Bless You for making me One of Those Who is Being made in Your Image after Your Likeness … One of Your Spirit ... One Who trusts You with Love returned. Bless You for connecting me with Others of Your Spiritual Family on Their Journey with You as You Unite Us with the Spirit of Unity ... in Heavenly Places.  I truly appreciate the moments when We Stand before You as One in Spirit and Truth with the mutual insight: we are sharing this moment with a fresh Consciousness of Your Presence and Overcoming Power for each of Us Who are in the world... but no longer of it ... Who seek to Glorify Your Name and not Our Own.


I so appreciate the Goodness of You… Your Faithful and Benevolent Nature and the delight which comes when I connect with Others in Spirit and Truth, Who are of a Kindred Spirit.  May our Seasons of Spiritual Fellowship increase according to the unfolding of Your Eternal Plan.


Bless You for making me aware of the choices I need to make and for endowing me with the desire to choose to trust You and Your Infinite Power through the Process... with an abiding comprehension We walk together as One in the Spirit of Love.


Thank You for creating Us to walk alongside as We evolve Spiritually … and for discouraging, admonishing and edifying Us when You deem it necessary as an act of Love.  Thank You for never giving up on Us and reminding Us  You Chasten Those You Love during such Occasions.  Thank You for Loving Us enough to do so.


Bless You for the creating me to be One Who rejoices in all You do through an recognition of Who You are Being in the Doing. Thank You for Eyes which see from an Eternal yet Practical Perspective in our Now .. as You Establish Your Kingdom in Our Heart and on the Earth, training and preparing us to Rule and Reign through Christ ... bringing about Righteous Kingdom Living with You throughout Our Journey of Life.


Thank You for the Gift of an Obedient and Grateful Heart… One which seeks to Serve with the Wisdom of Your Love and Truth... One which Worships You through the choices I make in my Life ... with a knowing We don't have to be perfect according to Our finite understanding as the course of events You Ordained open before Us. Bless You We are being Perfected according to Your Infinite Plan ... and for the Peace and eternal devotion which comes through the gradual unfolding.  Thank You for the Gift of Spiritual Rest in You... which comes with the Knowing... Your Love can never be earned... nor destroyed... for it is truly Unconditional and Eternal.


Bless You for revealing and reinforcing the fact All is taking Place in Your Timing for Us ... for the Sake of Your Kingdom and Those Who would Dwell in It in Spirit and Truth.  Thank You for giving us ears to hear Your Voice that we might freely answer Your Call to come out from among those who would seek to hold us back and enter into Your Holy of Holies with a heart that is purified through the Gift of the Indwelling of Your Holy Spirit.


Bless You for the Gift of Unconditional Love and the Majestic Grace which appears with it ... and for pouring such out through Our Spiritual Union ... a Union manifesting within Your Own the answer Jesus saw within His Spirit when He prayed for such a Union.  Thank You...


Thank You for making us Transparent and Authentic through the Union of Our Spirit ... for releasing us from a Man Pleasing Spirit ... from the need to be controlled or approved by Man, as You do.  Bless You for setting us free from the need to blame, condemn, control or change Others... and for the wisdom and unction to Wait Upon You to do Your work... bringing about the perfection only You can. Thank You for giving us the power to draw upon Your Spirit within.


Thank You for the Gift of Patient Understanding which comes with the Power to Observe without Condemning nor Condoning.  Bless You there is no longer Condemnation for Those who are hid In Christ Jesus... Those who were dead ... Who are and will be born again of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for the Ministry of Reconciliation... whereby You make Your Majestic Will and Absolute Power Known through Your Lifeblood within Your Own. Praise You... for making Us Alive In Christ.


Bless You for the Gift of Forgiveness ... Forgiveness Received and to be Offered with Grace...  for the Power to Forgive as We would be Forgiven ... for the Power to Love as We would be Loved.  Bless You for overcoming Evil as We Live in the Goodness and Holiness of such Power ... Aspects of Your Power We can embrace as the Gift it is.


Bless You for turning Curses into a Blessings … I especially appreciate it when You enable us to see the Curse turn into the Blessing You intend it to Be ... not only in Our Life but the Life of Others.  May I ever give witness to Your Infinite Wisdom in having planned such at the Foundations of the World. Thank You for such Insight.... may It increase without measure and brings Us closer as it does.


Bless You for the Gift of Time and Our Eternal Now ... especially Precious Moments with You and Others created after Your Likeness as One of Your Kind ... bearing witness to Scripture: 'You are gods' ... Living Words imparted with a Free Will Choice and Your Divine Power and Authority over Evil.


Bless You for the Gift of Love… Love to give … Love received … Love Shared. Thank You for the Gift of Compassionate Caring... and for the moments when You intercede through Us with such loving care. Thank You for the occasions when You allow us to weep with You... be it tears of sorrow or tears of joy.  Thank You for the seeds of Love You provide for Us to Harvest and Share as a Labor of Love.


Thank You for the Gift of Life... may We Honor You with it in such a way Others will come out of Darkness and Deception to Know You and Embrace All You Offer with Eternal Joy and Living Waters that cause us never to Thrist again.


Bless You for the Healing Gifts of Grace, Compassion and Humility through Your Merciful Heart and the Spiritual Awakening which comes through the Born Again Experience You Destined Us for... which is Ours for the taking through the Gift of Free Will.


Thank You for the Gifts of true Spiritual Communion and Atonement that is lived out in Spirit and Truth … from Glory to Glory, expanding our Capacity for immeasurably more.  Praise Your Holy Name for giving Us the Promise, Others will have Their Spiritual Eyes Opened as They too will Be Born of You.


Bless You for lavishing Your Infinite Love upon Us in ever increasing Measure… from Generation to Generations as You cause Us to walk after the Spirit and not the Flesh… according to the New Covenant You Offer Those Who Embrace You as the You You are and the Truth of Who We are as Your Family ... offered through the Gifts of Free Will and infinitely more....


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