As some of you may be aware... I have been led to take aspects of this website and put them in a Manuscript Format, which was confirmed when a Publisher approached me, after I sought the mind of the Lord.  Some of these writings will be exactly the same. Some will have their wording changed and may even be combined with other writings, for the sake of the context of that particular Book or Chapter. Below is the final Chapter of one of the Books: Enter into God's Rest ... A Spiritual Journey of Faith and the Heart of God.  I received this Chapter in 2010, but sense, as with other writings I am to wait on HIS perfect timing, before publishing it on line. Today, 7/9/11 that unction came ...  Currently  I am still waiting on the unction of the Holy Spirit, before I write and before sending any Manuscript to the Publisher who approached me ... I thank the Spirit of the Lord, the Publishing Company is willing to wait upon HIM as well.


Enter Into God's Rest  Where the Road Leads... A Spiritual Journey of Faith and the Heart of God    

'Like a Whirlwind the Heart of God, Who is the Spirit of Love, overtakes Us through the unfolding of an Eternal Plan established before the Foundations of the World.'



"Confidently, in Spirit and Truth, I say to you, He that hears my words and believes on Him that sent me, has eternal life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death into life."    John 5:24

The Coming of Covenant Promises in Greater Measure  While finalizing the Manuscript of this Book we were invited to Dine with a gathering of eight for the purpose of Intimate Conversations.  As I listened I soon realized those with us were Seekers of Truth . some professed to be Agnostic others were Believers in the teachings of Jesus Christ, some considered themselves to be Spiritual, but not religious in nature.  Eventually the Topic of Suffering and 'a loving God's part in it' came up ... as different opinions were voiced one could feel the tension in the air steadily rise. While observing such, I wondered if I was the only one who had asked for Father's mind on this subject, who has asked to experience life in the Spirit through His eternal eyes. Although I believe the Holy Spirit of the Lord has spoken to me in answer to this query over the years, His Anointing for me to offer what I had received never came. I strongly sensed this was neither the time nor place, but understood such a moment would arrive for the benefit of more than those in this room, according to Father's perfect plan. For days afterwards I was very sensitive to His Presence and soon discerned I was to write down the words which would come forth as I waited upon Him for HIS unction:


'Having been given a Free Will, Humans have suffered because it became of Their Nature to know Good and Evil.


Their Ancestors chose to take of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil . One through Deception, Another through Disobedience. They Reaped what They Sowed.


Such an action brought a Curse on Their Descendants . A Curse with Hope.  A Curse which was a Blessing offered with the Promise of Redemption, Reconciliation, Transformation and Transcendence through Another of Their Kind; One born of My Spirit Who would come as My Living Word and Demonstrate it as Our Truth; as Our Plan established at the Foundations of the World unfolding in due course.


Such Prophetic Promises are Being brought to Light as Fulfilled . unveiling Spiritual Mysteries with the Gift of Spiritual Discernment, according to Our unfolding Plan in Time and Eternity.


As Promised, in Due Season, with Wisdom and Righteousness I sent the Gift of My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. the First Born of My Spirit. Holy and Pure; of Truth.  Evil could not deceive Him. No Wickedness was found in Him. Holiness Overcame Corruption with My Superior Words of Truth and Breath of Life within Him . resurrecting His Spiritual Descendants as foreshadowed, from the Condemnation of Sin and its Consequences ... overcoming Spiritual Death with Eternal Life and Holiness. 


Through Our Lifeblood My Words Became Flesh and are Known. I reveal MySelf to You through Him . Through the Union of Our Spirit. I walked Among You Unveiling My Love, Holiness and Righteous Desires for You . Perfecting Prophetic Promises of Grace. 


We understood what it was to suffer. to be tempted by Evil and Unrighteous Desires.


We forgive each of You for all Your Transgressions. For the Sake of Your Soul Forgive Us for allowing such to Exist . it is necessary for You to experience Life with a Free Will.


Evil would rob You of a Good Life . of Eternal Life and Love with Us lived from within with the Spirit of Truth, Wisdom and Holiness.  Selfish Gain motivates it. It rebels against All We Stand for . all offered through the Blessings of Free Will, Eternal Truth, Light, Life and Love.


Evil is condemned and overcome with Righteousness and the Goodness of Our Love and Truth lived out through Those born again of Our Eternal Spirit . Those Who Receive a Repentant and Purified Heart through Their Spiritual Union with My Most Precious Son . with the Union of Our Spirit as One.  Ask with a heart to receive. Your Gifts of Faith and Reconciliation and Infinitely More await You.


As One born of Our Spirit with a Sound Mind, Loving Another as You would be Loved is to Walk in the Spirit of Love and Truth as an Overcomer . One born from Above of the Resurrected Holy Spirit of My Son Who is At One with Me.


Overcomer's born of Our Spirit know what it is to Be Overtaken by Our Love, Truth, Goodness and Evidence of Our Presence.  They walk in the Spiritual Gift of Revelation Knowledge with immense Gratitude and growing Faithfulness.


Such Conscious Believers born of Our Spirit of Might experience what it is to Dwell of Our Spirit on Earth with a Loving, Humble Heart Being filled with Our Power of Grace, Righteousness, Wisdom, Faithfulness and Truth.


Awakened Believers born of Our Spirit of Wisdom know of Our Purifying Fire and the necessity for Good to Overpower Evil . They come to embrace such with Joy and surrender to it with Peace and flourishing Seeds of Infinite Wisdom.


Believers born of Our Spirit of Joy and Peace. know what it is to Be Reconciled by Their Father's Unfailing Love as a little Child . One born of a Pure Heart ... One Who experiences their Father's Heart in Spirit and Truth.


Believers born of Our Holy Spirit. upon Conviction and Repentance are not afraid to Stand Against Evil . to allow Goodness to overshadow it through Our Union. They Stand with Faith for Others, resting in the Knowing I give.


Believers born of Our Transcending Spirit. die to the old to embrace the new without regret or fear ... with expanding Light and Might.  In loosing Their Life of Toil and Sorrow of Spiritual Death and Separation from an awareness of Us and Our Loving Care They receive Eternal Life with Superior Ways of Being and Covenant Promises of that which is coming in greater measure.


Believers born of Our Omniscient Spirit come to know there is Divine Order in what appears to Some to Be Chaos, when they look to Us to see through Spiritual Eyes . Eyes of Eternity and the Majestic Holiness Righteousness Births.


Believers born of Our Omnipresent Spirit recognize ultimately all is working out for the Good through the Righteous Power of Goodness and All which is Holy . Such are willing to Stand on the Truth of Who I Am and Who They are Becoming through Intimate Communion and the Power and Faithfulness of Our Indwelling Spirit.


Believers born of Our Omni Benevolent Spirit partake of the Tree of Life; through intimate communion with Jesus Christ ... Their Heavenly Father. They have Become Eternal Spiritual Beings; Children, Spiritual Parents Who Dwell in Our Kingdom while on Earth . They are no longer of the World nor the mind of the World Systems. They are becoming of the Mind and Government of Christ Jesus in Spirit and Truth ... with an increasing awareness they can and do Dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven while on Earth.


Believers born of Our Omnipotent Spirit become Co-Creators with Us through the Resurrected Power of the Righteousness of Jesus within and in Their Mists.  Such a One knows true Kingdom Living; receives the Crowns of Life and Righteousness and the Cloak of Humility.


Believers born of Our Victorious Spirit with a Repentant Heart Desire to Live a Sanctified Life . to have the Spirit of Their Mind Cleansed and Renewed by the Mind of Christ and the Infinity and Splendor of Our Living Word.  They Seek Us for Our Truth and Choose to Live it as Their Own. The building of their finite Ego no longer interests them ... as New Creations through Christ They Understand the need for the old to die and be brought to an end.


Believers born of Our Infinite Spirit have a Listening Heart . They have Ears to Hear Our Voice, a Desire to Know Our Truth, a Mind to Understand and Discern Eternal Spiritual Truths and a Heart to Embrace Our Will as their Own with the Joy of Holiness and Spiritual Union. Being Pure of Heart They have Eyes to See and Discern Spiritual Reality and Divine Connectedness.


Believers born of Our Spirit Seek Our Companionship and the Companionship of Others of a Like Mind. they Seek to know and live in the Fullness of Our Truth and Desire the Same for Others.  Such a One comes to understand the need for Spiritual Sustenance, Obedience, Wisdom and Maturity.


Believers born of the Seed of Our Spirit have the Seeds of Our Desires continually growing within. Such a One comes to Harvest that which is Theirs to Appropriate through Christ . They Seek to waste not the Generous Gifts We Offer with the Purity of Love and Truth.


Believers born of Our Righteous Spirit are learning to Wait Upon Us without fear as We mature Our Nature within . graciously empowering Them to Be as One through the Blood of My Son. They understand the need for Spiritual Development and the Benefits of Surrender.


Believers born with the Anointing of Our Holy Spirit Become One born of a Servants Heart. Loving, Kind, Prudent, Patient, Wise, Faithful, Gentle, Pure, Peaceful, full of Joy and Self Control . All which is Created in Our Image... after Our Likeness.


Believers born of a Humble Heart Become Mature . Glorified as One Who Will Honor Us in all Their Ways.  


One born again of Our Spirit Desires to Glorify I Am as I Am Designed Them to Be.


Such a One is Our Inheritance . through the New Covenant We are Your Spiritual Inheritance.


Such a One is Ascending, Coming into Fullness. the Perfection of Who They Are Hid In Christ. Who Christ is in Them. Who We are as One in Spirit and Truth. through that which is All and In All.


Through Our Infinite Spirit. the Spirit of Love and the Goodness of the Gift of a Holy and Righteous Life exists Eternally.


Suffering will cease to Be for Those Born again of Our Spirit of Might. Joy will Overwhelm Them when Fullness comes.


Those Born of Faith and Truth will Rejoice as One in the Knowing We freely Offer Those with a Will to Receive.


Unsurpassing Peace and Love will Abide in the Hearts of Those Who Choose the Holiness and Wisdom of Eternal Life with Us.


One born of the Breath and Blood of Our Spirit does not seek to run ahead . Such a One through the Spirit of Unity walks alongside at Rest.


Yes. Life not only happens to You. Life happens for You as the Gift it is. was intended to BE and will continue to Become through the Acts of Our Holy Spirit.'


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Update:  I am no longer sensing I am to go with a Publishing Company, freely I have received, freely I give, it is my desire to be empowered to give the Book away for free.  I sense the approach of the Publisher was simply HIS way of confirming I am to continue to write and put the writings into Book Formats and wait upon HIM for further instructions, in their due season. 

Currently, I am waiting upon Him day by day as His plans for it unfold before me. I sense, I will be putting this entire book in a e-book format and offering it on line for free; I am currently doing research as to how to format it ect. as I wait upon HIM and continue to write as moved by HIS Holy Spirit within.