Thank You Holy Spirit of Truth for ever leading us ... forward ... for daily renewing our Spirit... renewing our thinking with Father's revelations and guiding us although we may be unaware of Your purposes to some degree, or when the windows of heaven have as yet not opened to us an awareness of the brilliance of Your ever manifesting light which is ours to walk within, and thus ultimately glorify You through, manifesting Your Kingdom ... Your family on earth ... through surrendering to and joyously embracing Your most holy will and loving covenant for each of our lives. May we share this awareness always and in all our ways.

Bless You Holy Spirit within... for leading us into all truth... and for empowering us... and for overcoming through us... speaking forth and revealing that which our father has sent you to offer us. 

Bless You.. and we love You daddy.... sweet Jesus... for bringing to death all which the ego would choose to depend upon... which would hinder us from walking and worshipping in spirit and in truth, according to Your will and Your ways ... first with with You alone.... and then with and as a part of others who are Your manifested mystical body on the earth ... in the fullness of Your glory ... Your abiding Presence and Your everlasting covenant and timing. 

May we henceforth rejoice in You and all You offer us through Your everlasting covenant now and in and through all our ... having become Your ... eternal ways. 

May You be truly blessed and loved with a everlasting love! 



This Prayer and Meditation is a Chapter in the Free On-Line Spiritual Reality Book: A Journey in Time ~ Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers.  It is available as a Free On Line Download and in days to come will be available for sale in a Book Format, for those who prefer such.

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