Just before our first wedding Anniversary, my hubby prayed, "You know me I'm romantically challenged... our first Anniversary is coming up, so I give you control."

Afterwards he came to me and said.  "Our first Anniversary is coming up.  What would you like for me to get you?"

To my surprise I heard myself saying, "I'd like a ring... size 7, silver.. with a heart in the middle of it, an antique... or antique looking." 

Because I had not thought about it in advance ... I remember my response very well.  I supposed I said this... because when we were married, because of the suddenness of it, my hubby forgot to buy us a wedding ring.

My hubby said he thought... 'Good, something solid to work with, that should be easy'....and immediately took me out to some antique shops in pursuit of it.  We never found such a ring... and even if we found one, we could only wonder how HE would provide for it and after a while, we both let the desire go.

When our first Anniversary arrived, my hubby said, "Since we could not find the ring, what do you want to do for our Anniversary?"

I said, "We are going to be buying this house at the end of the month, and since it has been revealed to us our home is going to be a reflection of our relationship, let's work on fixing it up with us in mind."  

Through divine intervention, within a few weeks we were going to be purchasing a small cottage my hubby had been renovating on a barter basis for a Christian for the past year, and there were still a lot of unfinished projects.

My hubby said, "Great! I will work on any project you want." 

I suggested he work on the step leading up from the mud room which needed to be replaced ... As he pulled out some old wood and insulation, we talked while I watched from above. He told me later he noticed something shiny behind the insulation ... when he pulled it out and saw what it was... he blew it off and offered it to me with an awareness he was kneeling with one knee on the floor (like he was about to propose), as he said, "Happy Anniversary!" 
We were both in awe as to what he found... A silver antique ring... size 7, with a heart in the middle of it! 



The spiritual principle...

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all your needs will be met... God goes before us and prepares the way... HE answers our prayers before we even ask them, came to mind. Truly... HE knew this day would come and had planned it in advance according to HIS ever unfolding plan for us!  Once again He proved His faithfulness to us... and revealed His romantic heart... a new aspect of HIM for us to experience.  Plus... as an added bonus, since that day... my hubby has been romantic... even when he is unaware he is being such!  We have discovered... Father cares for even the little details of our lives.

I sense I am to expound and offer background details related to this testimony because promises HE had made previously were also being fulfilled, and they are linked to the ring story above. 

That which is particularly relevant about this is... since the 80's we both knew we were called to live by faith ... Independent of one another He made alive to us the scripture "You cannot serve God and Mammon" and revealed He desired to provide for us... in super-natural ways.... and HE gave me promises which are connected to this testimony, which as indicated above were also being fulfilled... I sense I am to include them as well, with the insight HE gave me below, to encourage many as that which is taking place worldwide continues to unfold according to HIS plan for us, which He intends for the good, even though it may not always 'feel' like it as we go through that which unfolds before us.  He told me before we met, my husband and I would be forerunners, so by way of testimony, when tumultuous times come upon the earth (to include economically)...  HIS Spiritual truth and light would shine forth through our testimonies of HIS goodness/faithfulness/power and...........................

Remarkably (before my hubby and I met), eventually Father told me that I was not to work for money, but was to rest in HIS control over my life... . with the promise HE would provide all I needed, moment to moment, in HIS timing, in unexpected ways, as HE trained me for that which was yet to be.  He showed me the future and His plan for my life... revealing to me someday I would be married to a believer... of HIS choice, for HIS Kingdom sake, and not just for our benefit... He said we would be very much in love... and HE would keep us together and in the faith.  He assured me, as one of HIS Sheep, I can hear HIS voice... and asked me to simply seek to trust HIM to fulfill His promises, as I entered into HIS rest.... HIS manifested will.  
HE made me aware we would eventually see we have been/are on a parallel journey... and HE would knit our hearts... first spiritually, then intellectually, then emotionally, and after we were married, we'd come together physically. (More was revealed regarding others plans HE has... which I will write about as led at a later date, Lord willing). That which HE promised... was made so alive in me... I could not, not believe... I was given a measure of faith... so I could walk this out in it's fullness.  HE asked me to let go of.............. with promises of what would take place in the future. Two of the many things I was to let go of, was my Home and the Business HE had given me after I was born on HIS Spirit.  He revealed to me after I was married... Father would provide a Home/Rental Property for us.... and we would not need to be concerned about financing it, since we would be living by faith! It was also revealed we would barter at times, (earning an income not being our motivation) as HE provided in ways which showed, by way of examples HE is in control and the tool of money would not always be a necessary resource.

He told me, as HE revealed the future to me, He was going to pick me up and cause me to live in the country and teach me how to live off the land... because tumultuous times were coming world wide... (I have more to share on that at a later date, Lord willing), as eventually money/mammon would not have the power it once had.... He said this was necessary for the spiritual growth of mankind. I surrendered to HIS will...

Shortly after, through circumstances beyond my control I became homeless and found myself needing to accept an invitation to take refuge with a Lawyer and his family in the country on the top of Aaron's Mountain, (they had a Ministry for the homeless). They had only just recently moved from the city and were home schooling their 5 children.  

About 6 months earlier... through circumstances beyond his control, my hubby to be, indeed on a parallel journey lost his place of residence and was invited to live with this same family, in exchange he built on their log home and helped to set up their land for back to the basics type of living.  

Eventually we found ourselves being sent out (independent of one another) as forerunners living in the same residences on a barter basis for different reasons, as we began to learn how to live off the land in the country.  For example I became a midwife/Shepherdess at one place and then he was asked to come and build birthing stalls... as they were having more sheep than they had places to keep them ... on another occasion, we were asked to move from VA to WI... he was asked to convert a cow dairy to a goat and sheep dairy and I was asked to help with the Shepherding/farm/gardening/family chores ... our relationship was platonic and remained so... for 7 years.  During such times... we always shared as HE lead spiritually... and HE continued to deal with us regarding our inner transformation.

As this was taking place he continued to reveal to me we were forerunners... (at the same time we were called out of organized religion to home fellowship), as in the future many would be homeless and would also be called out, we came to understand what we were walking out would cause us to have testimonies/experiences/compassion to encourage/teach others who would find themselves in similar circumstances in the future; during the season when Father brought down the god of Mammon/greed/false religions, causing others to become dependent upon HIM as HE exposed corruption worldwide and......... (more about that later, Lord willing).
We found after this, we were sent to the same places for various reasons on 13 different occasions, to develop different skills, to go through more training/inner transformation... and to receive more intimate testimonies of HIS goodness/faithfulness/power.  Through the process our hearts were knit, exactly as HE said in advance it would be, (just not how I first imagined) until 7 years later we found ourselves in love, with a knowing Father had brought this about .. we were married by the Pastor who prayed for my hubby to find a wife of HIS choice 8 years prior. 

Truly when we first met, neither of us were attracted to one another, except for what we had in common spiritually. Nor was my hubby looking for a wife... nor had Father told him, HE was bringing him one.  As we worked alongside one another we became best friends and grew spiritually, and learned to love each other unconditionally... then the knowing came: HE had done this, as a fulfillment of HIS eternal plan which was unfolding before us daily.

Fast forward to the time of the ring testimony:  Just before our first Anniversary, while driving down the road, unexpectedly our landlord was told by the Spirit of the Lord to sell us an acre of land and the cottage my hubby was fixing up on a barter basis, (throughout the past year she was giving him money to go toward renovating it in exchange for living there) ... She did not want to sell it... because she liked having rental property and wanted to maintain control of the looks of the front entrance to her farm and she told HIM so.  HE kept telling her to sell it to us and the details of how much and how she was to do it... but she kept arguing with HIM until she lost control of her car... when she regained control of her car she said to Him, "Ok, I get it... I surrender and give You control!". 
He assured her we'd cherish it and He'd provide for us so we could improve it... and since we have been told to live by faith, doing whatever our hand finds to do, (earning money not being our motivation), HE told her not to go through the bank, but to hold the mortgage and have us pay her directly and to only ask for $500 down and $500 a month for 15 years and to let us begin buying it whenever we wanted. 
When she came to us and told us this just before our first Anniversary of Dec 14th.... although I had just reminded the Lord of this aspect of His promise... and am use to HIM answering prayers, I was shocked. She was thrilled to hear I had just reminded the Spirit of the Lord that HE had told me before I met my hubby, that he had a hubby HE had ordained for me since the foundation of the world and after we were married, He'd provide a home for us, and we would not have to be concerned about financing it, that He'd make a way.... for me to simply trust HIM to fulfill HIS promises in due season and to do what my hand finds to do from moment to moment, with HIS revealed will as my motivation.  
She was also thrilled to discover on the day we signed our contract... my hubby initially intended to work through Christmas to earn the down payment on another renovation project, which would, to our amazement turn into a Bed and Breakfast Christian Ministry we'd be asked to run as we rented our cottage out for 3 years.... this too was the fulfillment of part of the future HE had revealed to me, HE would bring into being. (The Christian he worked for traveled and my hubby could set his own hours as he went from project to project for her.), but he did not have to work through Christmas... because when he showed up Christmas Eve he discovered, to our amazement... a bonus check of $1,000.00.   Not only had the Lord provided the down payment, but HE also provided the first months payment without my hubby having to earn it.... proving once again to us how truly faithful HE is to provide ... to keep HIS promises to us ... and how HIS ways/plans are not like ours... and the actual fulfillment of HIS promises are nothing like we imagine... and HIS timing is always perfect!
I am led to share this at this time... because of the recession we are in... I sense this is only the beginning... I see in my spirit the Dominos are lined up and are already falling... according to the unfolding of HIS plan for man... as HE pulls down the strongholds which keep many bound to the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eye and pride of life.... I will share more... as HE leads.  Questions are welcome... I will answer the best I am enabled.