After receiving the GIFT of The Holy Spirit of Christ and coming to know Him as a living part of me ... i was given the understanding... via the Spirit of my Lord leading and empowering me ... ordering my steps, according to dad's grace and plan, that the Holy Spirit of Christ, having imparted the mind and nature of Christ to be intimately my own, (Father God's Genes, Spirit), is leading me (us) into all truth, that He is always and in all ways revealing  Almighty God's truths through the process... developing  spiritual discernment and divine potential ....  that He is alive within, offering grace, peace, rest, eternal life, an intimate relationship to Father God as His child ... to Christ as His wife, to Himself as our eternal Spirit, Companion, having birthed a new and clean, purified heart, via the holy nature of God having become my (our) own through our union as evidenced by the power of the cross in our life and the resurrection of Jesus the Christ in our life, that HE  brings scriptures to mind and confirms with signs and wonders as needed, that HE convicts of sin and sets free from condemnation, that HE empowers, overcoming sin and death, sickness and disease, as the resurrected Spirit of Christ within, glorifying our heavenly father, revealing His nature, that HE is eternally with each of us, that HE  reveals The Father, His will,  His Kingdom and all of His glory through His son... and us as sons' and daughters', that HE brought me (us) into the Presence of our Father where we may abide, having been sent by Jesus and the Father to do so, that He is made manifest through the fruits of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self control. That His Spirit moves through me (us) as the Lord wills through ways Almighty God sovereignly warrants in the present moment ... these ways are too many to name here and are ever increasing  and unfolding so it would be senseless to attempt to do so ... and they are not limited to serving, equipping,  edifying, encouraging, admonishing, guiding, tearing down, restoring, building up, leadership, communication and administration qualities, giving,  blessings, showing mercy, grace, love, empathy, compassion, teaching, exhorting. speaking words of love, truth, conviction, faith, grace, healing, deliverance, wisdom, understanding,  knowledge, holy fear of the Lord, (awe), counsel, might,  justice,  righteousness, prophecy,  hope, praying in and unknown tongues and the interpretation of tongues, that dreams and interpretation of dreams, visions,  supernatural manifestations and divine appointments, living in the spirit with divine wisdom and power, workings of miracles and angelic or heavenly visitations, would be present and imparted and made manifest, as the Spirit of God in Christ within each of us wills, and according to our availability and potential as HIS holy vessel, as deemed by HIM for His divine eternal plan for each of us .... and that all of this is what the Spirit of the Lord is doing, for... in and through each of His Own ... as the Holy Spirit  reveals, imparts, empowers, makes alive,  that which needs to BE... according to the true Spiritual Source of all that is... our Heavenly Father, The Ancient of Day's, ... timing and eternal purposes and Almighty Sovereign power.