In days gone by I have asked the Spirit of God what does it really mean to live the abundant life... His Spirit having asked me to give my limited concept/perspective of such to Him to be perfected. Spiritual experiences followed giving me a portion of clarity, some of which I find is to be written down for publication. On Mothers Day 2011, mom said she was asking Father God to show her the answer to that question herself. I shared with her in so many words, "From my experience it seems to be to witness/experience the reality of the Goodness/Faithfulness/Presence of Almighty God is to begin to live the abundant life. What follows will vary according to the choices we make ... since we reap what we sow and when we sow of His Spirit we reap of His Spirit."   This morning while praying I began to hear the following words of my heavenly Father and sensed I am to write them down and share as led. If they indeed be of Christ and our Father, may you receive the loving portion appointed you:

"To live the abundant life is to hear of Christ and to seek the truth of His message for yourself. Many of You who have heard of Christ ... have become Truth Seekers ... a True Disciple of Christ ... One of a desire to live the truth of His Message while on earth and for eternity.

A Disciple of Christ hears His... My Voice in their Heart of hearts and yields their will for the benefit of all of life, not just self. A Disciple of Christ is one who receives a living relationship with Me... Us.  Such a one recognizes the reality and workings of My... Our Spirit and learns to live according to the conscience I grant them.  They can see My Sovereignty as Father Brother Mother ... the Source of all that Is. In their search for My Truth they have received of My... Our Spirit of Understanding and Wisdom and Faithfulness and Might with Revelation Knowledge.

Having given them ears to hear and spiritual eyes through which they can see, in its due season, I... We brought them into Our Spiritual Kingdom with a humble and contrite heart and empowered them with love, joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. Some have chosen to abide there, they are aware their nature is no longer of the earthly realm ... nor are they willfully limited by darkness. They have chosen to leave their Ego and the emptiness of false religion and illusion behind ... in loosing their life they have found true life and it more abundantly, in and through the Spirit of Christ resurrected as their guiding light within. They trust Me... Us with their lives and the lives of those they love, with a grateful, conscious heart. Even in the mist of trials and tribulations in behalf of self or another, they have hope and a knowing that all is working out for the good according to Our eternal and righteous plan. They have received My Gift of Living Faith, with Holiness and a new heart... renewed daily through abiding in the Mind and Might of Christ.

Our words are alive to them. In their heart of hearts they are free of condemnation and the need for self righteousness, greed or defiance.  They are of a forgiving, nonjudgmental, wise nature. They are gracious, having received of Grace. They are kind, patient, compassionate ... of the mind of Christ ... of My Holy and Righteous Spirit of Truth and Life Eternal. They hate hypocrisy.  They resist a lying Spirit and stand for My revealed truth the best they are enabled. Though bold, they are gentle as they speak from a humbled heart. They understand My wisdom and the need for MY Spirit of Truth, Righteousness, Unconditional Love and Holiness ... they freely receive that which is rightfully theirs as a Spiritual Community of Believers ... offered through the Covenant We established in behalf of ALL of Creation. As intercessors through Christ they stand as ONE victorious, for all I lay upon their heart with their Gift of Revelation Knowledge, which grows as they do so.

They are encouraging, generous and willing to be content with a modest life ... the life I deem for them and My Creation as a whole. They know life on earth can be fun and beautiful in the Holy Ghost and stand for the restoration of all I have promised according to My New Covenant ... conceived as the anointing of Christ sent for the sake of All of Life in Heaven and on the Earth. They understand the need for Harmony and Unity in Spirit and Truth and desire to be part of its manifestation ... on earth and evermore. They have a listening heart and desire to abide in My healing Presence and to see it flow as living water quenching the thirsty soul. Through My Eyes of Eternity they recognize My Order overshadowing Chaos ... bringing about the goodness of Life through it's unfolding. With hope, peace and love we walk... stand together, counting it all as Joy, for My Kingdom Sake and the sake of Life Eternal, now and forevermore. They are those who willingly call themselves of My Name, without shame ... they are aware it is the one Name that is above all Names and rejoice in the Knowing I impart. Through them the Spirit of My Glory is magnified and will fill the new heaven and new earth."

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