You have been created to become Whole

You have asked to see through My eyes and you do.  The eyes of a Skeptic see not through the eyes of faith, the eyes of Spirit... it sees through the eyes of the intellect, reason.

You are created to become whole... to see through the eyes of the flesh and spirit and to discern My truth in the process. Depending upon My perspective. I gave you eyes to see... You see through the eyes of eternity... You see through the union of our Spirit... I awakened you to my realm.  I relate to you from deep within your soul through your conscience. You are conscious of My reality... It is I who gave you the desire for such. You KNOW this... with a knowing you cannot shake, for it is the reality you live.

Hence you write of that which is alive within... a Representative of My Glorious Temple.

The Presence of God among ... within humanity. A Sanctified Being...

One among many set apart.

Chosen for a perfecting work within your soul.

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