Since 1978 I have met individuals… who are referred to as Present Day Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Spiritual Teachers, Worship Leaders and Messianic Jews among the body of Christ. On one particular occasion in 1986, some of us were gathered together singing words of adoration to the Spirit of God.

Before this… God’s Holy Spirit of truth as an immediate answer to the desire of my heart: "I'm not going to believe in this Jesus everyone tells me I am suppose to believe in, just because they tell me I am suppose to... I want to know Your truth about Him and all of the other religions out there.", opened up the Old Testament revealing to me Jesus Christ was prophetically foreshadowed throughout the entire Old Testament… as the Hebrew Messiah and the New Testament speaks of how He fulfilled and is yet to fulfill that which is promised ... according to Father's unfolding Spiritual Plan. I was given the understanding… Father in His wisdom blinded the eyes of the Hebrew Religious Leaders in Jesus' day to the truth Jesus was their promised Messiah.  This was done, so those outside of Judaism…. Gentiles… could come to know of Father's soon to be offered New Covenant with all of man… through the preordained events, which would follow…. the crucifixion, bodily resurrection and ascension of Christ Jesus with the promise of His bodily return and the eventual out pouring of His Holy Spirit on all flesh. 

I was made aware… a time would arrive when the time of the Gentiles would draw to a close… and God’s Spirit would open the eyes of the Hebrew people once again… causing them to recognize and receive Jesus … Yesuah … as their promised Messiah empowering them to become a part of Spiritual Israel with those who have come before them ... the Spiritual body of Christ; a mystery which must be revealed/Spiritually discerned. Historical events… were indicating this season of transition had begun. Messianic Churches were beginning to spring up globally… and converts were being brought across my path. I was aware… since around 1948, Jews from around the world were starting to return to the homeland of their descendants... some awaiting Jesus' return to Jerusalem and the fulfillment of Father's New Covenant in it's fullness. 

I felt blessed to gather and worship with these spiritual converts and Religious Leaders.  They taught me how to celebrate the feasts…. with the understanding such is a foreshadow; which the life of Jesus fulfilled ... will fulfill prophetically. I considered it to be a spiritual gift… to be invited to join with them in their Messianic Traditions; having been taught to do so, I submitted my will to their spiritual authority as Spiritual Leaders among the Body of Christ ... Spiritual Israel.

As I sang with them... eyes closed, I shut myself off from all distractions... and as is my habit I began meditating on the words I was singing taking them to heart…. expressing them with love and gratitude… to the Spirit of the Lord.

Without warning, I found myself standing before a magnificent wall... whether I was in the body or out of the body, I do not know. This wall was taller than any ancient ruin in height… the wall in the movie King Kong comes to mind and it does not even begin to describe that height.  Compared to the stature of a man, it was enormous.  I heard a voice speak, 'Enter into the City of Truth'... and I agreed to do so, fully 'expecting' to find a door, which I could not see miraculously open.

Instead, I was astonished, to find myself looking at the stones of a foundation.  I knew I was looking at the foundations of the temple of God… which man had built. The founding stones were built upon the teachings of and about Jesus Christ.... and early prophets, apostles and later disciples, which had been passed down since days of old... to the present day. As He showed it to me... I was given much understanding. I understood I had been worshipping there. Details stood out to me ... there were stones missing... some were cockeyed... some were out of place... some should not have been there at all... yet many were firmly rooted and established by His Spirit alone, Jesus Christ being represented by the chief corner stone. I understood the time had come for God alone to build the temple I was to worship in and He would not need my help… but before He could do so… He would have to destroy this one.

Again I heard, "Enter into the City of Truth".  Instantly I understood.... if I did so, I would be going through a dark night of my soul. I knew if I chose to accept this invitation, I would go through a time of great trials and tribulations, that I might come to the end of lies which ruled my thinking and tainted the truths HE desired to speak with me about, through His Spirit of Truth. I understood, much of what I had learned in the past… needed to be unlearned… because it was contaminated, through vain inherited traditions and historical tampering with the words of the Lord, which had been passed along with His truth.  I knew the time would come when I would not know what to believe and then, He would restore all... that I might walk in a 'double portion anointing'. This double portion anointing was a power He had spoken to me on numerous occasions, which would be necessary for that which was to come… during a supernatural spiritual outpouring worldwide at a future date.  I could only imagine how this would manifest itself... even so, I agreed to enter in… supposing it would not take that long. I was wrong *smile

Once again I found myself standing before this majestic wall... immediately I heard for the third time, "Enter into the City of Truth".

Again... I agreed to do so... fully expecting a door to open.  Instead... I watched in amazement... as a hand larger than what our natural mind could comprehend, reached down and picked me up. I saw myself in the palm of this hand… a perfect fit.  I marveled as I realized I was a naked baby and God Himself was bringing me in to His City of Truth.

Unexpectedly I found myself back where I had begun worshipping God... having been tapped on the shoulder... that I might take communion, and was offered a bite of bread and a sip of wine... as part of the worship service I was attending. With a greater awareness, I understood this offering of communion was only an acting out of a much higher spiritual truth... a true communion in the spirit… which could be done anytime, and any place… one chose to be alone with Him for a time of intimacy. I was grieved that I could not have stayed longer and seen the City in it's fullness. Then I understood, He had brought me in and will keep me there. I only needed to be willing to enter in… leaving all else behind!

As He brought me into the city of truth... through circumstances of my daily life after this, He has revealed to me how powerless the arm of the flesh is to save... and attain audience with Him for fleshly or religious purposes. He has shown me why indeed, Jesus needed to die ... why we must join Him in that awareness and in the death process... as living sacrifices...  in our spiritual union with Him in life and death. I have been shown a need for a remnant of people... those HE has called… and ordained to be set apart for a work of sanctification and reconciliation, as living intercessors alone with His Spirit. He has given me a deeper understanding of a depth of His love I never knew existed and would have been unable to contain when I first began this spiritual journey of faith. Experientially, He has caused me to know… truly, when one is forgiven much... they indeed love much. He has caused me to experience... His unconditional love and mighty power to save through ways it never entered my mind He would take me… as He has taught me to trust Him completely as I leaned not to my own understanding. As I have continued to grow and mature spiritually, to become the person I was created to be in Him, through His power to keep me... He has given me the gift of seeing my perverted heart... my ego… with no condemnation.  He has also caused me to begin to see who He has created me to Be instead... without pride… as I gradually find myself becoming hid in Christ, through Father God…. a mystery revealed through the experiences of life He has ordained.

After this vision, I came across a scripture which spoke of the city of truth:   Zechariah 8:3-6; 3 This is what the LORD says: "I will return to Zion and dwell in Jerusalem. Then Jerusalem will be called the City of Truth, and the mountain of the LORD Almighty will be called the Holy Mountain."
4 This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Once again men and women of ripe old age will sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each with cane in hand because of his age. 5 The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there."
6 This is what the LORD Almighty says: "It may seem marvelous to the remnant of this people at that time, but will it seem marvelous to me?" declares the LORD Almighty.

If I may keep you just a bit longer... I sense I am to offer the following:

In later years, during one of my times when I listened for His voice, I heard ...."Close your eyes... I did.

As I did I heard, "I am describing to you a house, a tree and a horse."

"Now... if you were born blind... do you think you would have seen the true image or only a concept of what you imagine them to be?"

I said, 'A concept....'

The voice continued.... "Due to the flesh nature, man is born blind to spiritual truths... until I open their eyes through their union with my Spirit. The Kingdom of God is not like anything man has yet imagined for they have not yet conceived that which I alone can reveal. Let go of ALL of your concepts, your perspectives... ALL vain imaginations... and traditional thinking, as you identify with My son at Calvary... that I might reveal to you My simple truth... and My Kingdom, it is not how you first perceived it to Be. Continually let go and embrace that which I offer in it's stead… be transformed."

As I let go... I was reminded once again of the essence of something the Spirit of the Lord told me in earlier days… ‘In order for you to come to a place of deeper understanding… you need to lay down that which fills your hands already. In order for Me to give you something new you must be willing to let go of the old for it has lost its savor ... is no longer necessary for the development of your spiritual maturity. If you do not let go, you will be in danger of serving an illusion and momentarily loosing sight of Me and the wholeness of My truth.”

Having experienced all of this… Father has caused me to understand… if I truly desire to continue to grow through a healthy relationship with His Spirit, I must put away childish ideals... youthful treasures… Truly His Spirit within is calling me/us to grow/live with a greater awareness and understanding than when we first began. 


I received this as a comment regarding the above excerpt:  Hello HSW, I was reading excerpts from your personal called Vision of entering into the City of Truth I came across this statement "I have been shown a need for a remnant of people... those HE has called. and ordained to be set apart for a work of sanctification and reconciliation, as living intercessors alone with His Spirit." and I don't really understand what you were saying here. Is there any way you can expand on this statement for my further understanding? Thank you so much! God bless.

Through a desire to bless others who may have questions and are seeking clarity... I am being led to publish my response below:

As I sit before our Father seeking HIS words to express His truth, I find an image of the Spiritual Body of Christ coming into the spirit of my mind. It is made up of many parts/members.  The heart in particular is coming into focus as the Remnant.  The Remnant represents the heart of God and the mind of Christ.  There is a remnant of people who can represent the heart of God... having listening hearts (Receiving A Listening Heart). They can represent the mind of Christ, having surrendered wills...(A Present word to HIS Own), they choose to walk with a cloak of humility.... through as awareness that which is taking place as their spiritual reality is an act of the Holy Spirit... giving witness to the present truth of the resurrected Spirit of Christ and the fulfillment of Father's eternal plan for man; as HE establishes His Kingdom on earth... through the body of Christ being a living witness to our resurrected Lord and Savior.

The Remnant having been consecrated, sanctified and reconciled in HIS timing for HIS Kingdom sake... are often called to stand/rest in the place of victory they embrace as their reality, with the knowing they have deep within. (Rest in the Knowing...) They stand with peace as one member of His Spiritual body victorious in spirit and truth ... identifying with the redeemed body of Christ ... those going through His work of consecration, sanctification and reconciliation in it's fullness, in HIS timing... they do such rejoicing with a compassionate and humble heart.  This is living as one's reality, an act of the Holy Spirit through 

If I may give two simple examples:

Once I woke up depressed for no reason I was conscious of, felling heavy in my spirit...  before such feelings could overtake my soul and bring me down, I asked the Lord 'Why?'  I was reminded what it felt like to live under a cloud of depression; great compassion came over me for those bound by such... as I remembered when. I was reminded how His Spirit lifted depression and the like off my life and I rejoiced in this ... while rejoicing I understood I was resting in the victory I had already received through Christ and had come to live as my inner/spiritual reality through grace and HIS power.  I was given the understanding through this spiritual victory and others like it the sovereignty of God had brought to pass ... through my spiritual union with the Spirit of the resurrected Christ ... I was now being called to stand victorious filling the gap as a spiritual bridge, through Christ within, for those members of the body of Christ who had need of walking free of depression and the like... so they too could live in HIS Kingdom now, victorious through Christ! It was no longer something I asked for with hope... it was something I thanked HIM for with victorious faith and exceeding joy.... with a knowing this was HIS will be manifested in a new way.  Such must be experienced for it to go from the head to the heart it seems.  

On another occasion, I wondered why I felt this sudden deadness... and I heard, 'you are feeling what those who are in darkness feel, rest in the victory you have already walked in as a member of the body of Christ and stand in the gap resting in the victory which is yours through Christ, for those who I desire to be awakened to My truth and reality according to My unfolding plan for them ... as a living intercessor, at one with My will'. 

This pattern soon revealed this was another level of Spiritual Warfare I had been brought into, one of ever increasing rest, inner joy and peace His manifested will and truth and power are revealed daily... I soon recognized I had been brought into a new spiritual season... according to Father's timing and unfolding plan for all of man as His Spirit overtakes his redeemed creation, loving us to life in Christ. 

Recently He reminded me... 'My unfolding plans for your lives are acts of the Holy Spirit ... Who gives witness of the resurrected Spirit of Christ and the power of God toward those who seek to live victorious in My Kingdom in their present.'

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